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My post for today is inspired by a question that is on the lips of so many distributors in the Network Marketing industry and that is:

“How do I recruit MLM leaders into my business?”

It’s a great question isn’t it and I hear it all the time from distributors who really want to see some results from their business.  BUT…….there’s a fundamental problem to this question.

Do you know what it is? 

Let me explain by asking another question!   Why do we want to recruit MLM leaders?

Well obviously to recruit  MLM leaders into your downline in a standard Network Marketing opportunity and pay plan we would stand to benefit financially.

And therein lies the problem.   What you are thinking about when you ask this question, is YOU – you’re just thinking about how much money YOU could make from someone else without doing too much work.

Have you ever heard the expression “If you help as many people achieve what they want, then you will achieve what you want”?

It’s very powerful and never more applicable than when applied to a Network Marketing business.  So here’s the answer to “How do I recruit MLM leaders into my business”

In order to recruit MLM leaders – you need to become an MLM leader.

You have to have a circle of influence amongst people –  do you have this?

If you don’t know what I mean by that, then Please take the time to read this post I did on the most pioneering MLM book in the Network Marketing industry – Magnetic Sponsoring, because it really was a game-changer for me when I first read it nearly 2 years ago now.

Your “influence” on people is what makes you stand out from the crowds of distributors who are all trying to pitch their business at every opportunity.  Think about what attracts you to other networkers?  We instinctively want to follow or learn from people who know more than us – People who are really out there achieving what WE want to achieve.

So how do you become an MLM leader?  Now that is the question you should be asking

Jim Rohn famously said “Don’t wish things were easier, wish you were better.”


So here’s my Network Marketing success Tips to help you become a leader to enable you to  recruit MLM leaders.

1)      Read Magnetic Sponsoring.  Then read every book you can get your hands on about leadership and Network Marketing.  Here’s some to get you started.  Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill,  The greatest Networker in the World – John Milton Fogg,  Your First year in Network marketing – Mark Yarnell,  Crush it – Gary Vaynerchuck or  The business of the 21st century – Robert Kiyosaki.

2)      Believe and know that you are on the path to leadership even if you have never been a leader before.  Remember to recruit MLM leaders you need to become an MLM leader and much of that starts with the right mindset and belief  which will lead to positive actions.

3)      Learn Attraction Marketing – Join me in the best Attraction Marketing system in the industry.

4)      Find a coach or mentor who is doing exactly what you want to be doing and follow them, join their mailing list, read their blog articles, contact them and join them in their business so that you are part of their direct coaching group.  Ensure they will help you with a strategy and blueprint for you to follow that is congruent with the time that you have and your income goals.  But you MUST have the desire yourself – no coach or mentor can do it for you.

5)       Take action every single day whilst you are building your business.  Act like it cost you a million dollars to join and that you only have 90 days to achieve success.  The very action of consistency and persistence will show you are a leader and you will then start to attract and recruit MLM leaders into your business.

Can you do it?

Of course you can if you really want to be successful!  For some great prospecting tips from a master recruiter, take a look at this free webinar training  – Ray Higdon has been able to recruit MLM leaders and become the top income earner in his primary business so he is well worth listening to!

Master Sponsoring Secrets

Just remember that if you want to recruit MLM leaders – you need to become one first!


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