How to Recruit People In 3 Easy Steps

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Think for a second about the word “recruit”.  When the army recruits new soldiers, do they just walk up to a youngster, ask if they want to join the army, and give them a form to fill out?  No.  There is a relationship between the army recruiter and his pool of prospects in the community.  Similarly, if you want to know exactly how to recruit people into your network marketing opportunity, you have to be a master of three simple relationship building steps.


  1. Share tons of value for free.

You may be wondering ‘Why should I just give away valuable information?’  The answer is simple: you want to give people a reason to trust you.  I tend to trust people who are generously giving as much quality content and information to me as they can.  So go out an write quality articles.  Make quality videos.  And whenever you produce a piece of  quality content, link the content back to your lead capture page.

 2. Email daily.

It may sound like a lot of work, but the best way to put your prospects in a friendship incubator is to share valuable and personal emails with them every day.  Talk about, not just how to make money, but the cool things going on in your life.  Believe me when I say that knowing how to recruit comes down to sharing the details of your life and your passion with your prospects.


Now you need to close your prospects and turn them into recruits for your business.

 3. Host a live webinar or teleseminar.

One day, simply send an email out to your list of prospects.  Say, for example, you have a list of 100 prospects.  If you send out an email saying that tonight you’re going to host a free teleseminar where you will reveal exactly how to make $100 a day online, and you share information about your opportunity in that seminar, I can guarantee that people will want to join up with you in your opportunity.


Knowing how to recruit is absolutely key in becoming a thriving network marketer.  Obviously, I could’t fit all of what I know about becoming a top recruiter in this short article, so be sure to click the link below to see how I became one of the top recruiters in my network marketing opportunity.


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