MLM Recruiting: How to Recruit People to Your Business Effortlessly

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MLM Recruiting: How to Recruit People to Your Business Effortlessly

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MLM recruiting is not the most appealing phrase for most folks. They picture chasing down friends and family members and approaching strangers at the shopping mall and trying to convince theses people that you have the best opportunity in the world and they would be crazy not to join you in it. Doesn’t sound like all that much fun, does it?

But the truth of the matter is, Network marketing recruiting IS critical to your success if you want to reach the top levels in your MLM home business, so fun sounding or not, you better learn the secrets of how to do Network marketing prospecting effectively.

First let’s look at why MLM recruiting is so essential to your success. Let’s face it, you started a MLM home business to earn money, right? And really the only two money making activities in any MLM business are getting people to join your business (MLM Sponsoring) and getting customers (selling products or services).

So if you want to make money with your MLM home business, especially the residual income that can last for many years after you stop producing with that company, than you need to master  Network Marketing Recruiting, and you better make it a priority.

MLM Recruiting: Let’s Clarify Terms First

Let’s clarify a couple of terms here before we go any further, because people sometimes get confused with these three particular industry terms: MLM prospecting, MLM recruiting, and MLM sponsoring. Since prospecting is the first part of this process of adding people to your MLM home business, let’s start with that one.

MLM Prospecting is simply the process of finding people who might be interested in what you are offering. So for our purposes, prospecting is MLM lead generation – generating a list of people that you can sort through and show your business presentation to with the goal of either gaining a new team member, a new customer, or at the very least, a referral.

Sorting through these newly acquired leads to determine whether they are truly prospects or simply time wasters is an essential part of the prospecting phase. Sorting can be done through phone conversations, by having the lead follow specific instructions given by email, along with other variations of these two methods.

You’re simply trying to qualify people to determine if they are worth spending your valuable time on.

MLM Recruiting:  Two Specific Tasks You Must Know

MLM recruiting can be broken down into two specific tasks: sharing the opportunity (providing benefits) and closing (getting a new team member or customer).

Task number one is where you actually get your presentation in front of those leads who have responded to your prospecting, or MLM lead generation efforts, those that you’ve already sorted through and are now considered prospects. This is your chance to share the benefits of your specific MLM home business, which can be done by way of an online video presentation, a webinar, a company phone presentation, a home meeting or an event.

The second task of MLM recruiting is closing your prospect, and this is an area where many people fail miserably. Once the new “recruit” has seen the presentation and had his or her questions answered, it’s time to get a decision. Are you in or out?

And the last phase of this process, of course, is sponsoring. This involves making a commitment to provide your newest MLM home business team member with the guidance, training and resources necessary for him or her to get the best start possible in their new venture.

MLM Recruiting: You Must Master These Skills

Now that you understand the difference in those three terms, let’s get back to the focus of this article – MLM recruiting. So if this phase involves sharing your MLM opportunity, which includes answering questions and closing your prospects, then obviously you’re going to need to master some skills, and you should be learning massive recruiting skills.

Let’s look at why you need to learn massive MLM recruiting skills. Statistically, on average, you have to sort through around 25 – 30 people in order to find one solid leader, and for very obvious reasons, the more leaders you can sponsor, the faster you will build a massive MLM home business.

So unless you don’t care if you sponsor more than one or two leaders per month, you need to learn how to get your presentation in front of a massive amount of people. And the easiest way to accomplish this, without a doubt, is with a MLM Recruiting System.

Of course, this system shouldn’t just help you with MLM recruiting, it should also provide you with the teaching, training and resources to turbo charge your prospecting as well as contain everything you need as a sponsor as well.

In other words, you want a system that helps you generate MLM leads, does the sorting for you (up to a point), makes showing them your presentation easy, and then provides those new MLM recruits with all of the training and resources that they need as well.

If you want to keep these new MLM recruits around long enough for them to gain the skills and knowledge to grow their own MLM home business, thereby increasing your organization as well and allowing you to reap the benefits of residual income, then you better help them get into cash flow as quickly as possible.

And how are you going to sponsor a new rep? By getting your opportunity in front of as many qualified prospects as possible, a.k.a. massive MLM recruiting.

I need to qualify here that although I believe that a generic marketing system is the absolute best way for you to get all of the skills and resources you need to grow a 7-figure MLM home business, you still have to master some interpersonal skills in order to reach that level.

Although the internet is a fabulous tool that you can harness to grow your business more efficiently, you still have to learn to talk to people from a position of authority and learn to build relationships with those people. No matter how you slice it, an MLM home business is still a people business, and you are going to have to learn how to qualify people and how to close people effectively.

But if you find the right system, it should provide you with all of the coaching and training you need in order to master those skills as well. The bottom line here is that you must plug into the right system and master massive MLM Recruiting skills if you want to reach the top level in your MLM home business and join the ranks of the top income earners in the industry.

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