For MLM Winners, 2014 Starts Right Now

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We're lucky, got a lot of friends in MLM.....and a lot of really cool peeps who visit our blog, comment and keep the conversation going. Much gratitude. Of great interest is how they tend to breakdown into 2 groups.

Those who take stock and know they need to make some changes.....responsible types......and the other group tends to want to believe that being in 'the right deal at the right time'....or the 'pay plan' will make them rich. People are getting smarter, that's excellent.

We've seen an immense uptick in people already looking to do better next year. So how do you 'get better' and 'do better'? Not with hype.......and by now, if you've stopped by here know that 'hope' is not a strategy. Here is exactly what to do....for the mind and the mechanisms.


Step 1 - Meet with your people and let them know 2014 is 'our year' and you want to focus on their goals by improving the mindset and the skills team wide.

Step 2 - Explain why December is a great month.....provide social proof from their own experience! If we are offering time and money and people are in pain over time and money....we've got a match.

Step 3 - Agree to meet once a week to improve the mindset, yours and theirs. Share this 'discovery' of 'how to get better.'

Step 4 - Have them grab this free copy of Think and Grow Rich at this site [here] and the workbook that matches that version of Think and Grow Rich.

Work through 1 Step of the 13 Steps to riches a week. Simple. How?

Think and Grow Rich Creates A Success Consciousness Think and Grow Rich Creates A Success Consciousness[/caption] You all read the first step to riches, Desire and fill in the workbook [5 minutes] ....then discuss at the meeting in your home, conference call, etc..... Simply discuss, share and discover. Teach them R2A2 [recognize, relate, assimilate, apply]


Meet with your team at 6:oo PM or 6:30. Why? One hour discussion....then, BAM, we all get on the phone.


Have them do 'CAPS' so you can MMAC C- Contacts A - Appointments P - Presentations S - Sales


M- Monitor - have them track 'CAPS' on an index card.

M- Measure....measure their numbers against team average so you can identify where each person needs support....where they need improvement

A- you know what the challenge for each rep is .....simply show them the skill they need in the area they need help and do it hands on.

C - This allows you to control the growth of your businesses.....yours and theirs. We cannot teach what we do not know We cannot teach what we do not know


People love seeing their mindset and skill level improve and if you start the time December rolls around you'll have been through 6 or 7 steps in Think and Grow Rich.....building confidence in the mind with the ONLY proven formula......and they will have improved ....getting better results.......BAM......while other teams quit around mid-November, you've got improving vets and new, excited people....roaring into December....

Come January 15th, while others struggle to get their peeps back to'll have momentum. The game changer, of addition to the mindset, is the skills. We simply cannot teach what we do not know.....there is no way around that.

The free 3 part skill based video training will be up on the 18th we want our readers to get early can do that right here

keep giving to

keep growing


mark januszewski

world's laziest networker

Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing

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