How To Make Your Entire Presentation In Just 2 Minutes!

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How cool would it be to give your entire business presentation in just 2 minutes to a good prospect? Just think of all the free time that would give you!

In Parts 1 to 5 of this series, we learned how to turn a neutral prospect into a good prospect in just a few minutes of meeting for the first time.

We also learned how to qualify a prospect to see if their desire for change was strong or weak, so that we can even be selective with them. (...How cool is that?...)

Now it's time to give the presentation...

Forget about building pipelines!

In my humblest opinion, most network marketing presentations I've seen really suck. They are too long, too complicated and abstract, and really too self-centered.

Too much of the spotlight is pointed at the wonderful everybody-must-have products and revolutionary compensation plan, and not enough is being pointed at the prospect.

They are not even worth showing in most cases because a prospect has already made her mind NOT to join BEFORE you open that flip chart! (...Darn!...)

So forget about the story of "Pablo and Bruno", the difference between buckets and pipelines, explaining "Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant", drawing circles on pieces of scrap paper, because you're just wasting precious time and energy.

You can leave all of that educational stuff till after the prospect has joined you.

You only have one sentence!

Here's something that may really surprise you: a prospect will decide YES or NO after you say the first sentence!

The first sentence better be good!

If the first sentence is good, the rest of the presentation can be crap and it wouldn't matter, because the prospect has already made his mind to join.

Remember, it's the subconscious mind that processes all of the incoming information and makes ALL of our decisions.

A first sentence needs to address all the objections that the subconscious mind has, before the conscious mind even knows what's hit it!

The objections that the first sentence must address are:

  1. Is this legitimate?
  2. Is this easy to do?
  3. Can I do it without feeling like I'm giving blood? ...or... Would I be comfortable doing this?
  4. Can I confidently do this?

Wow, that's a pretty tough job for a first sentence isn't it? It needs to answer YES to all of these questions before the prospect will decide YES. Most first sentences don't.

Bad, Bad, Bad...

Here's a perfect example of how NOT to do a first sentence... (unless of course, you want them to say "No!")

"Boy do I have a fantastic opportunity for you! Our company is 20 years old and was started by Mr. Wonderful, a wonderful family man, with 3 families to prove it. We have products that can make amputated limbs grow back, make your car do 500 miles to the gallon, blah, blah, blah..."

Meanwhile, the prospect is thinking "Man, this guy's joined a cult. I'm going to have sound just as ridiculous as him! There's no way I'd want to do that."

Behold... the ultimate start to any MLM presentation

"Most people do network marketing every day, but they just don't get paid for it."

I learned this from Big Al - it works 8 out of 10 times for him! You can use it for new people who've never encountered MLM before. You can use it on experienced people. It might even work for people who hate MLM! ;-)

See for yourself that it address the 4 objections...

People generally want to be part of "most people", not "less people". If most people do it, than it must be legit. First objection addressed.

If they do it every day, then it must be pretty easy to do, they mustn't feel uncomfortable about doing it, and they'd be doing it confidently. Second, third and fourth objections addressed.

The only 2 questions the prospect should have are "What is network marketing?" and "How do I get paid for it?"

Here's when you give your 2-minute presentation.

The first minute, which you can customize goes something like this...

"Network marketing is recommending and promoting the things you like to other people. Have you recommended a movie you liked to a colleague before?... Yes?... Say she liked the movie so much that she told 5 friends to go see it as well. They loved it so much they recommended it to even more people and more people and so on...

"At the end of the screening period, your local cinema received a total of $500,000 in extra revenue from all the ticket, popcorn and soda sales just because you recommended a movie you liked to someone.

"Now, how much of a bonus check did you receive from the cinema for bringing in all that extra business?... None?... See? Most people do network marketing every day. They just don't get paid for it.

Can you talk confidently about your company for the second minute? Absolutely!

It's been awesome bringing you this series of articles. Thank you for the feedback I've received. Go out, make it work and enjoy it!

To Your MLM Success,

Wayne Wu

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"The first sentence better be good!"

No pressure, right Wayne? LOL

I love the way you explain Network Marketing so quickly and efficiently here. I'm definitely "stealing" this! LOL

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Great Wayne

Nicely put sir

Dwayne Huggins — Thu, 05/20/2010 - 3:26pm

Love it Love it Love it...

Nice one Wayne...

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