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So much of home based business training is centered around finding prospects to talk to on the phone. But what do you do when you actually get someone on the phone? For many people this is where we tend to mess up. Because if you’re not good on the phone you’re not going to sign anyone up… period. Here are a few tips that will help improve the way you talk to prospects on the phone so you can be less nervous and sign up more people!

First of all you’re going to want to keep the conversations as short and sweet as possible. Most people tend to mess up when they talk for too long so keeping it short is best.

It’s really helpful if you have a video or a more detailed email ready to send out so that if someone calls and doesn’t have specific questions but just wants more information you can direct them there. Remember the more you talk the bigger chance you have to mess up so don’t put yourself in that position.

Also, while you’re answering questions if you’re not exactly sure about the answer it’s best just to write the question down and get back to them. Remember that nobody can know the answers to everything and there’s no shame in not knowing the answer to something.

Another tip for someone who’s not totally comfortable on the phone is to do a three way call if possible with someone who is now seasoned when talking to prospects. Doing a three way call will make you feel more comfortable and can help the prospect get more of their questions answered.

The final tip is to slow down and speak slowly. When you speak slower you will give off a more confident vibe and probably not feel as nervous. Also, try and stay away from as many “ums” and “uhs” as you can. Again, this will help you sound more confident and give off a better vibe to your prospect.

Learn how to talk to your prospects better and you’ll sign more people up and make more money a whole lot sooner!

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