Keyword Research – How to Master The Art And Get First Page Organic Listing On Google

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Once upon a time, network marketing was all about introducing the company to family members, friends and colleagues. But with the advent of the Internet, the thousands of potential customers online became an opportunity too good to pass.

This is the reason why so many network marketers take their business to the Internet, building websites, blogs, and social media profiles to recruit and communicate with down-lines and sell products. Sounds simple, I know, but novice network marketers will often find it even harder to succeed online than in the real world.

I’d say maybe 95-99% of all network marketers who bring their businesses online… FAIL after only a few months. They realize they’re not making any sales, or they don’t find enough leads to convert into down-lines — or in most cases, both.

The problem isn’t the products. I’m sure we sell great products in MLM. The problem lies in the marketing strategy. And on the Internet, marketing strategy starts with one thing — your niche.

One of the many mistakes novice network marketers make on the Internet is that they try to serve as large a market as they could possibly reach. Aside from spreading themselves too thinly, they risk competing against bigger, better-established web sites. That means their chances of success are close to nil, unless they stick around and build their businesses over the next several years. (Unlikely.)

The trick is to find a much smaller slice of the market to focus on. Selling health products? Narrow it down. Want to focus on supplements? Narrow it down some more. Want to focus on supplements for diabetes sufferers? NOW you got a niche!

Niches are great because if you rank in Google’s first page for your niche terms (also called “keywords”), you’ll likely get dozens, if not hundreds of visitors per day. And the competition at the niche level is much less intense, so it’s easier to do better.

My suggestion? Study the possible niches you can go into very thoroughly. See which niches have enough traffic to be profitable, but not so competitive that it will take too much time and effort to rank on Google’s page one.

It’s going to take a LOT of online legwork, believe me. But to make your keyword research just a bit easier, you can try Market Samurai (This is the best in the industry). I’m sure Brent, Mike, Dr. Anthony, and the rest of the Noble Samurai would be happy to show you how keyword research SHOULD be done….or another you could try is the Google Keyword Tool.

Good luck with it and let me know how you go!

~Zac The Tipper - The most trusted resource for home business and MLM tips

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