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I'd like to share an e-mail that I sent yesterday and am asking in your humble opinion who is prospecting whom? I have a website on child obesity that is quite popular but its missing one piece. A solution. If I only had the solution I would be a millionaire.

So I've been researching for a plan that I feel comfortable with promoting. My latest search has been on the soon to be launched Trump Network. No..I am not affiliated with them. After reading their promo pages I still didn't get the answers that I needed so I opted in to get more information.

Well... I get an autoresponder e-mail informing me that James, my potential sponsor, will be contacting me soon. I'm not one who likes to wait around so I get right to sending James an e-mail giving him some background on me and what I am in search of. Its been over 24 hours since I sent the e-mail and I have not heard from him I am wondering who is prospecting whom?

Hi James,
My name is James Rouse; I might have beat you to the punch at making contact about
the Trump Network. I was actually doing some research on TN and decided to opt in to
get more information.
About Me
I was born and raised in New England finally settling down in Maine. My Secondary
School and High School years were spent at private boarding schools.
After graduation I attended Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY. I was a pretty good soccer
and they were the best ( '77 NCAA Division 1 Champs ). The College scene wasn't my bag
so I took some time off to work and reflect on what I wanted to do with my life.
I spent the next 15 years in the Restaurant Business finally becoming a Sous Chef. It was long
hours and odd hours which made it difficult on my children so I made a career change.
Of all things I opened a Used Car Sales Business. When things were good they were really
good. I learned a great deal from this business. Aside from the obvious; sales, I learned
that trust and integrity builds business. I know that may sound strange coming from a used
car salesman but once you loose trust your doomed.
After 9/11 things started to go south so I bailed before I totally lost my shirt. This is when I
first got started in Network Marketing specifically weight loss. I got hooked up with Herbalife
as a distributor and started to follow the lead of my sponsor.
Her /Herbalife's marketing techniques wasn't my style. I was used to people calling
me intersted in purchasing a car. I wasn't the prospecting type and they were really geared
towards traditional home based business. But I stuck it out and did what they asked. It was
very evident that my sponsor was a rookie. Sort of the blind leading the blind if you will.
I was about to throw in the towel when I came across what I had hoped to be my
Bear with me here I am NOT trying to sell you anything you'll see what I mean in a minute.
I found a Google ad that read:  "Learn what your Herbalife upline doesn't want you to know"
Naturally this caught my attention. Well it was a free e-book ( notice no link) that changed the
way I do business today.
In a nut shell it was about attraction marketing and being a solutions provider. People use the
search engines for information and solutions to problems. I was intrigued and discovered in
the back office of the system, which is a funded proposal, Site Build It.  Which is a system created
for people who know nothing about building a website to start one.
I found out that SBI is more than a site builder it's an instruction manual and marketing system
as well. Since all I had was Herbalife's replica website which was no more than an order form I
went for it a built a niche website that I had planned on using to attract customers to me for
A funny thing happened I became so passionate about my helpcurechildobesity.com website,
its high rankings in the SERP, and the additional ways that I could make a buck i.e. Google ads,
affiliate links, referrals, etc. that I didn't push the Herbalife. I get sales from it and build a team
but my site opened up a whole new world to me.
Right now the site is ranked in the top 8% of all sites, it delivers me over 300 visits a day of which
80% are unique visitors. There is one missing piece.
The solution to childhood obesity.
Which is part of the reason I was researching The Trump Network. I'm not one to just throw anything
on the site and hope. My site has a very good reputation and people trust me to deliver quality
Not long ago I was approached by Joanna Dolgoff; you may have heard of her since she's been all
over the news in N.Y., N.J. and your State PA. Well..she's an MD who deals with child obesity and
when she contacted me she was about to be featured on the Today Show.
She wanted to know how we can help eachother. She had just developed an online weight loss
program for children and loved my site. I thought this was the solution. Problem: MD's are
forbidden from paying for referrals.
Last week a reporter from CNN contacted me for an interview about child obesity in America. You see
anything can happen.
I'm sure you are aware that only about 3% of network marketers actually make it. One of the reasons
for this is training. Most network marketing companies don't teach their recruits about all the different
ways of marketing their business. Heck most of them want you to call your circle of influence, buy
leads (I took a bath on that) , talk about the 3 foot rule da da da da .
I never saw what the Trump Networks business plan is as far as marketing. I don't think that really
concerns me. With all the knowledge I have gained over the years through SBI and Renegade
Professional I can handle the marketing okay.
I decided to branch out a little.
I started a blog using the tools from SBI for keyword research and on page analysis for SEO.
www.attraction-marketing-techniques.com  is a training and information site for network
marketers.Now I spend time training network marketers who are struggling. Plus I have the
systems that I used to be successful if anyone is interested in learning more.
The Professional is a massive tutorial training program that is really impressive. That's what
really prompted me to do the blog.
All of this attraction marketing stuff is about creating great information, solving peoples problems,
and building a web of content.  Then linking the content to make Google love your site.
My obesity site has over 100 pages, the blog around 50, over 75 ezine articles ( gets traffic daily
from these articles).  Other inbound links blog comments, forum comments, twitter, digg, etc. Plus
I link the blog and website when it fits into the content.
What surprises me is the rankings for the blog. Top 5%.
Sorry for the long e-mail.
Tell me truthfully about the Trump Network. Is it something that will work for children? Whats
your story? Are you passionate about the TN?
James Rouse

Does this sound like I am trying to get him to go into business with me? Did I intimidate him by sounding as if I was in a different league? One thing I do know is he missed the chapter in Donalds manual about contacting your prospect. Who is prospecting whom? I don't want to hear the famous words from The Apprentice "Your fired"

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