Show Me The Money System…Is it a Scam?

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There has been a lot of talk about the Show Me The Money System and will it get people to the top of the food chain financially and how long will it take. People want to know is it a scam or is it really going to explode people's business.

I've been at this marketing game for a bit now and I've seen a lot of moral things come and a lot of good things go. But usually it's the simple things that have the biggest impact and the Show Me The Money System is indeed a simple System, but it has the potential to make a lot of people a lot of money, just because of its simplicity.

So how can a simple system make all this money?

Well, let me explain it with an example. Let's look at a traditional Network Marketing business model. Once a new distributor comes on board he or she has to start somewhere. Once a person joins a company they have their sign up cost, their monthly autoship or product cost and then there is a cost to actually doing or promoting the business. This is where the marketing kicks in and also where the rewards come from.

Depending on a person's personality they will either go out and tell everyone a partial story because they are nor fully 'up to speed', or they will study up everything and not tell anyone. "Ignorance on fire or knowledge on ice", as the saying goes. If the sponsor is good then he will work with the new distributor for several presentations until a familiarity is formed with the materials. Then they're on their own.

Sound familiar? This may have worked in the past, but in reality these old methods of prospecting and driving all over creation to give presentations is going the way of the dinosaur. The world no longer responds to the old methods. We don't want to be traveling all over with fuel prices rising like it is. People would just as soon 'look something up' on the net at home.

As modern as our world is there is always a need for more disposable income or money. It seems our labor saving devices have come at a very high cost and we are busy working for someone else in order to pay for it all.

So a networker is left with a great product and a great payment system but difficulty in getting the message out. To learn the skills of marketing can take from 2 to 12 months depending on a range of factors, so the movement in the business is slow when speed is of the essence for a successful business.

Sounds tough and it is for a lot of people. So how can we short cut the learning curve and make people productive from day 1 and make them credible at the same time?

This is where the Show Me The Money System comes in to it. So now a person (let's call him John) gets a call from a friend who says, "John, are you open to hearing about a way to make some money?", What is it? "It's a System called 'Show Me The Money', I'll send you an email and have a look at it, will you?" Sure, says John.

The distributor then enters John's email address and a short message into the SMTM System back office, The system then generates a specific code and emails it to the call center. When John receives a call he is instructed to view a  presentation on his computer. The SMTM system then advises the Distributor that John has watched the presentation.

The video presentation is given by someone who knows the business, knows the products and can say it in a very credible and knowing way. There is no pressure applied. It simply states the facts and shows a way for the average person to get ahead with regard to personal finances.

So, the distributor's role was simply to ask their friend or colleague if they could be contacted about making money. Even a very new distributor could do that.

Once the person, John, has the link he might watch the presentation 3 or 4 times and each time he does the Distributor is notified by the system.

The Distributor allows the call center to contact John again and see what he thought. They don't even have to do any follow-up calls or contacts. The call center handles all that for you. No more having the feeling of heckling someone. The system works on your behalf. REMARKABLE!!!!

Should John decide to join up, he has come through the system and will be comfortable with it because it was easy, had no pressure and he learned a lot. He then can have access to the same SMTM System and start the process over again. This is streamlined duplication! Look at how simple Danny Glover has made it for anyone.

So with a System as duplicate-able as this, the task of marketing is a whole lot easier, and it really is Marketing that is the key that drives any business and especially Network Marketing. Do you see the power of this simple system?

We all send interesting things to our friends anyway so this is a natural thing to do.

The "Show Me The Money System" is attached to a very credible Company. As good as the presentation is, it wouldn't stay in business long unless it was backed by a solid Company. If I told you that the Company is the 4th fastest growing Company of all time, does that help? It is in fact, Morinda Bioactives and this is a Company that is Built to Last.

Many people have inquired about if the Show Me The Money System is working for others and if they're making any money. My question is how much of their money can you spend? None! Exactly. The system is second to none, and my suggestion is try it for yourself and deposit your own checks in your account.

So is it a scam? See for yourself just how simple the system is and you'll find one thing for certain, the Show Me The Money System will have you laughing all the way to the bank.
See you on the beaches of the world,

Dionyos and Nicole ;-)

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