What It Means To Work From Home

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Today, working at home seems to be the great pursuit for marketers and other professions alike. But is it really all that? Are the challenges worth the effort? Let’s take a look.

As Americans watch transportation costs soar, and marketers watch the internet expand, the lure of the home office follows along.

But, working at home isn’t for everyone. Marketers in particular will find challenges such as isolation and client-hunting to be exhausting and a detriment to hours spent on their art. Those who rush into this without solid preparation may find themselves back in a cube sooner than they anticipated.



  • Eases Work-Life Balance. Online Marketers have more flexibility than most other vocation’s, however every consideration should be made in regards to dedication to accomplishing the task at hand.
  • Reduces Costs. When I worked in the medical field, I had to pay for the gas to get to the hospital, and once I arrived, I had to purchase a parking space for my car to sit in all day. Meanwhile, my house was cranking out heat or air that no one used, and a dog walker came to let my dog out…at a price, of course. And, let’s not forget uniforms and comfortable shoes!
  • Ability to Determine Hours. Marketers are a fickle bunch. I tend to hit my peak stride around 9 p.m.  As an at-home worker, I can use the hours that I function best to get my work done.
  • Privilege of Setting Pay Rates. The amount of money you can earn is in direct proportion to the amount of effort you put into your online marketing business.
  • Great Variety of Jobs and Clients. Every day is different in the Marketing world! If you’re someone whose attention easily wavers, you’ll enjoy this aspect of working from home.


  • Intense Administrative Management. As an professional in the world outside your home office, chances are that you had assistants, secretaries or interns to help manage the flow of things. Even as an employee in another profession, you probably had payroll departments, legal departments and/or administrative support to help you get things moving. This is simply not so with a home-based marketer. It’s all you. Let me say that again: It’s All You. The one thing I miss most? An IT department!
  • Constant Search Prospects and Clients. Most marketers work fulltime generating leads, however, a proper system in place eases that burden and allows you to focus on growing your business. One system in particular, My Lead System PRO, allows you that freedom.
  • Blurred Line Between Work and Home. You’ll get to miss the distance of an office when your phone rings past 5 p.m. and the emails just keep pouring in!
  • Variations in Monthly Income. It takes the planning of an accountant and the discipline of a scrooge to manage finances when you’re unsure of the amount that you’ll receive month-to-month.


The true take away here is that working at home is more difficult than one would imagine. The lack of support from some companies and up lines is utterly ridiculous. In order to work from home, you must be willing to “work” from home.  Working at home is by no means a decision that should be entered into lightly, and those who thrive in the situation are those who have a system and support in place to achieve their dreams.

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