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At my best friend’s wedding in September of 2014, I got to see an old friend I hadn’t seen in around 18 years (last time I saw him before this was when I was about 13 or 14 years old).

His name is James Wilson, but he has always been affectionately known to us as “Beast”. 

He’s not the biggest and buffest guy in the world by any stretch of the imagination or even the meanest guy in the world, but somehow the name “Beast” fits him like a glove.

Beast and I talked throughout the wedding and caught up with each other. 

What's interesting about Beast is that he was able to mix with our group of friends (harmless social outcasts into RPG's (role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons) and CCG's (collectible card games like Magic The Gathering)...

...while also mixing with a hard-edged group of rednecks and rabble-rousers from "the other side of the tracks" (actually, more like on the wild outskirts of our little agricultural town of Shafter, CA.)

As he told me various stories of the things he saw and experienced while running with this harder-edged crowd and in the family he grew up in, I was amazed that I - a sheltered, mostly innocent kid who grew up in a Christian household, parents never divorced and still married since 1977 - had no awareness of or contact with such things when I was growing up.

(I had the same experience hearing stories from certain classmates at my 10 year high school reunion. I didn't realize that level of drugging, decadence, and general trouble-making even existed in my (supposedly) sleepy hometown. My sheltered sensibilities were thoroughly shocked.)

As I expressed this amazement to Beast, he simply said, "You weren't supposed to" (as in you weren't supposed to witness and experience those things like I had to).

He always knew that me and my brother (who allowed me into this group of friends, all of whom were older than me) were cut from a cleaner cloth, so to speak, than he was and that we weren't subjected to the negative influences that he was while growing up.

But he was a key component of our group and was definitely missed when he moved to Las Vegas after finishing high school. 

I made sure to make plans with him to hang out the following day after the wedding before he was set to drive back home to Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, he had already made plans with another friend of his (who wasn’t a mutual friend of ours), so I didn’t want to interrupt their time together.

Beast is a great example of somebody who had the innate character and sense of self to rise above the negative influences thrust upon him while growing up.

Beast came from that harder-edged place, but is not "of" it or beholden to it.

In the network marketing industry, there are many negative influences floating around that, if heeded, will steer you onto the rocks.

The negative influences mostly manifest as downright bad and/or misleading advice that mainly serve the selfish agenda of the people spouting this advice (gurus, experts, leaders, or wannabe's of all the aforementioned positions) rather than what best serves you as a student and rep and/or customer of theirs.

My Funded Traffic Method is a perfect (certainly as close to perfect as humanly possible) example of a downline-building method that is fair to both upline leader and downline member alike.

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Patrick Williamson

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