What Your Sponsor Didn't Tell You! Top 7 Keys To Success In Network Marketing

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Top 7 Secrets Your Sponsor Never Told You

(1) Who your sponsor is does make a difference!

If you had a choice, would you prefer to learn how to play basketball from Michael Jordan or from a benchwarmer on your local high school junior varsity team? The answer is obvious: there is tremendous value in learning a skill from someone who has already mastered it. Many multi-level companies offer mentoring or coaching, and you want to be taught by someone who isn’t just figuring it out. You do not need to be signed up by the top income earner in your company to make it in your business, but you will benefit by having access to other successful distributors that are willing to work with you.

When I first began my home-based business, I was sponsored by someone who was working part-time around her two children. She had been with the company for four years, and was putting about ten hours a week into her business. Her check was about $4,000 a month and growing! She reached out to me almost daily, and made sure I was taking the necessary steps to build my business. She offered me the opportunity to contact her by phone and email whenever I needed to. When I started recruiting into my own business, I didn’t have a powerful income story of my own to promote, nor did I have the skill set to teach another person how to get going. But, I did have an incredible sponsor that did! I was able to put my new prospects in front of her to share her story, and when I signed up new distributors, they were trained by my sponsor, not me. I used three-way phone calls to connect us all on the same line, and was able to learn for myself how to coach someone else in this business while I listened and learned. New team members two and three levels below me were also trained by my sponsor until I was ready to take on the role of leading my team.

This is how network marketing works. You don’t need to be incredible to build an organization and a career level income with this business model; you DO need to leverage the team and the structure in place by plugging into the successful people. If your sponsor is not growing their business and teaching you how to do the same, just look upline to find someone who is. There are people in your organization that will help you. Because of my sponsor, I was able to grow my income to match her $4000 monthly income in less than a year, and now teach other distributors two, three, four, five AND six levels below me how to do the same. A saying in my business is, “The quickest way to success is to model success!” Find someone that is successful, do what they do, and you will have what they have!

(2) Meetings ARE important!

The ability to build a home-based business using technology like the internet, conference calling and web meetings, and television and radio advertising are what attracted me to sign up with my company. I was not interested in hosting strangers in my home, doing face-to-face presentations, and wasting my free time at business opportunity meetings.

However, shortly after signing my distributor application, my sponsor encouraged me to attend a live event. I thought she was crazy! She told me that I needed to get to the event to learn about our company’s products and be trained by other successful distributors in the business. I told her that I was not going to attend. She told me that it would change my life, and I explained that I would prefer to learn how to build my business through CD-ROM, DVD or whatever on-line training was available. She then shared that the training was in Nashville, Tennessee and was just two months away. I REALLY thought she had lost it. I was living in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, and I knew I had no business flying across the country to meet my new company. I kindly ended the phone call and made the decision that trainings were good for some people, but not me.

Even though I was new in the business, I was confident that I did not need to attend a rah-rah meeting with loud music and hours of hype. I figured that with my brains and willingness to complete some home-studying on my own, I could figure out this business on my own.

Thankfully, my sponsor knew more that I did. A couple days later she called me again to encourage me to attend the upcoming event. She told me thousands of distributors from all over the world would attend, and all I needed to do was get to Nashville! I couldn’t believe the tenacity of this woman! I had just spent money I borrowed to begin my business, and here she was telling me to spend more one a trip I knew wouldn’t benefit me. Again, I ended the conversation and went back to my life.

This song-and-dance went on for a couple weeks until I began actually listening to my sponsor. She was telling me that she never had missed one of these annual trainings, and that after two years in the business she was making $4000 part time. She told me story after story of new distributors who had exploded their business after attending a live event because they got clear on a plan of action. She also told me that attending would accelerate my business, and I would grow faster than if I had stayed at home. I gradually began to see that all I needed to do was get to this one weekend-long event to learn the basics to building my business. I called my boss and told him that I needed to take a vacation day, I bought my plane tickets and booked a cheap hotel room, and in a matter of an hour I was all set to head off to Nashville for the big event.

I am eternally grateful that my sponsor did not take “No” for an answer after our first conversation regarding this live event. In that one weekend I learned all I needed to know to build a business that would pay me for the rest of my life. After attending the event and hearing from the people that had gone before me and succeeded, I walked away with the confidence that I could do it too. After learning about other distributors’ personal struggles, I knew that I could overcome the same challenges in my own life. Being at the event among the successful people gave me the belief that this was going to work for me, too. In one year, I was able to walk away from my job, and had grown my income to over $5000 a month.

Prospects often ask me if they need to attend live events that are planned by the company and attended by its distributors. You are not required to do anything. However, there is tremendous value in attending the live events, and there’s a reason why your company’s most successful distributors never miss a live event! The events are planned to teach you to grow your business. When you make the effort to attend them, you learn from the top income earners in your business what they are doing to grow their organizations. You can absorb so much more knowledge when you are in person, surrounded by like-minded folks who have also chosen your company’s business opportunity as the vehicle to help them achieve their goals and dreams. You will retain the information that you have seen, felt or heard more so than reading or listening to an online training, or even being coached over the phone. You will meet other distributors in your organization and be able to forge stronger relationships with them in person. You will also be incredibly inspired by the stories of the other distributors in your company that are having success in your business.

These trainings give you the motivation you need to go home and get to work! Simply put, there is no substitute for the live events!

(3) We work hard!

There is a saying in network marketing that your sponsor has one responsibility: to sign you up! Perhaps you have heard this and believed this, and as a result you unknowingly practice mudslinging instead of recruiting and training. Mudslinging means you recruit as many distributors as you can into your opportunity and see who sticks to the wall and who slides off. This poor practice makes your relationship with the new distributor short-lived and your role as a sponsor ineffective. As a result, much effort is wasted recruiting distributors that will never turn into a stable organization.

After having discovered the value of a mentor in this business, and also cultivating my own team of successful distributors, I do not believe this is the correct way to view the role of a sponsor in network marketing. To begin with, let’s review the definition of sponsor: One who assumes responsibility for another person or a group during a period of instruction, apprenticeship, or probation. If you were to take this to heart, then you as a sponsor would assume responsibility for your new distributor’s business as they ramp up their business and as you teach them your system. This makes obsolete the idea of recruiting as many people as you can into your business, letting them fend for themselves, and assume that at least one or two will be successful. Sponsors with this attitude are treating this business like it is playing the lottery: they are simply buying a ticket every week and hoping that one day they will get lucky.

In any business there are examples of sponsors who have signed up just a few people, but because one of those people exploded their business, the sponsor was able to make lots of money. However, these success stories are far outweighed by the many masses of people that sponsor just a few distributors, and NOTHING happens.

Network marketing cannot be treated like playing the lottery. If you want to create a career-level income with your business, you first must become the hard-working distributor that you would desire to recruit into your organization. You have probably heard of the Law of Attraction. Simply put, the Law of Attraction means that like attracts like. In network marketing, the Law of Attraction is no more apparent than within your own organization. You will attract people just like you. If you are a poor worker, have no discipline, or rarely show up to your business, neither will your team. If you do not stick to your plan, neither will your team. If you do not sign up new customers and distributors, neither will your team. If you are not willing to do the work to build a business, neither will your organization.

However, if you adopt the behaviors of a hard-working, successful business owner, you will recruit people with the same work ethic. If you want to be successful, you must first adopt the behaviors of a successful person. And because of the Law of Attraction, your team will do the same. If you work hard, your team will too. If you show up to the live events, so will your team. And as a result, your check will grow!

(4) You will not make $10,000 your first month in business.

No doubt you have been dazzled by incredible income stories in network marketing. IN fact, these amazing tales were what attracted me to the business in the first place! After hearing incredible rags-to-riches stories of high-school drop-outs turned world travelers, and stay-at-home-moms becoming millionaires, I figured that there was no way I wouldn’t be a success!

What I didn’t realize is that these folks had something I lacked when I started my home-based business: experience. When I discovered network marketing, I was working as a corporate professional and had a college education. I believed that I could easily excel at network marketing considering all of the other people that succeeded despite their personal challenges. I quickly learned that my background and my degree had little to do with whether or not I would succeed in my business. I realized that my confidence in my ability to achieve wealth was actually arrogance. I mistakenly believed that I was smarter and better, and could therefore move up my company’s marketing plan by doing less work than those incredible individuals I would see at the meetings and large events.

This initial frustration has since become my favorite thing about network marketing: anyone can do this business… if they are willing to do the work! No matter what your background, education, age, work experience, or financial situation is, you can win at network marketing. The network marketing business model is the big equalizer because everyone starts at zero when they sign up in a home-based business. Those who succeed are simply the ones that are willing to do the work.

My sponsor is a stay-at-home mom that built her business part-time around two young boys. The only job she had ever had was waitressing, which she had done for 17 years before she was involved with network marketing. When I met her she had been in the business for about three years, and was making about $4000 a month. My initial thought was, “If this waitress is making $4000 a month working part-time around two kids, then I am going to get RICH!” What I know now was that was had very different attitudes toward the activities needed to build a business. I felt that the idea of talking to strangers and calling leads was below me. Because I came from corporate America, I felt entitled to be doing more challenging and exciting work. However, my sponsor was excited to be calling leads and talking to strangers because it was far more appealing that the hectic, exhausting life of a waitress. Our attitudes about the work could not have been more different. I saw calling leads as tedious and boring, and she saw it as a way that allowed her to be an incredible mother and provider for her two children. After I understood the difference in my attitude of entitlement and my sponsor’s attitude of EXCITEMENT, I was able to get over myself and understand than I too would have to roll up my sleeves and do the dirty work if I wanted to achieve the lifestyle I desired!

Today I have a different attitude about the work that is necessary to do to build my business. Just because one does not need a college degree to do this business does not mean that it is unrewarding or unrespectable. In fact, there is no business more rewarding and respectable in network marketing, because you only will make money by helping someone else. Corporate America sadly does not wholly operate with this same philosophy.

(5) Inspiration comes from within.

“I’m not your boss, and I’m not your motivator.” This is what I tell new distributors that join my organization. My purpose is not to motivate someone to pursue their goals and dreams. However, I am here to teach them how to build a business that will pay them for the rest of their lives. The reason that a sponsor may not provide inspiration is because that drive comes from inside each of us. It is the desire to change your own life that will get you out of bed in the morning. It is the dedication to your goals that will enable you to come home exhausted from a long day at work, and put more hours into building your own business when you would rather be spending time with friends and family or doing leisurely activities.

Because the willingness to pursue your goals is your main inspiration, you must be emotionally attached to those goals. An exercise I have new distributors complete before they sign up in my business is to write down their top six reasons why they are pursuing a home-based business. These reasons have got to be meaningful and important. The prospect must be dedicated to achieving them no matter what, or when the going gets tough in their business, or things aren’t going as planned, then they will easily give up on pursuing them.

I ask my prospects to dig deep in their hearts and discover what they must have and what they are willing to fight for. A common answer is to get out of debt or quit their job. These answers are superficial and not good enough. If your main goal is to pay back someone else, then it is easy to give up on your dreams. If you don’t like your job, but you are not clear on what you would rather be doing, then when you encounter a challenge in your business, you will justify to yourself that your job is not that bad. You will tell yourself that your paycheck is okay, and that you can still pay your bills, or that you have a friend or two at work that you actually enjoy, and you have benefits that your family needs, and you will come up with a dozen other reasons why your job is not so bad. This is why it is critical that you have a goal that you will not give up on. It must be a MUST. In other words, it must be something you MUST have, and not something that you would simply like to have.

A woman I worked with in my organization was very passionate about gourmet cooking and enjoyed preparing meals for her family. Unfortunately, her kitchen was small and her cramped space made it less enjoyable to cook. Her dream was to remodel her kitchen and have a state-of-the-art cooking space that would enable her to cook incredible meals and entertain family and friends. This was her reason WHY she was starting a home-based business. Weeks later, when her business was not yet profitable, and when more people had said “No” to her opportunity than had said, “Yes” she became discouraged. When we spoke next, she said that she wanted to quit the business. I asked if she was still interested in her remodeled kitchen that she so badly wanted when I first met her. She said that her current kitchen was actually quite nice, and that she was still able to cook great meals that her family loved. This is a perfect example of someone not being attached to their WHYs. Your WHY has got to be so important that you will reach the top of the mountain or die by the side trying! If it is not a MUST, then you will soon come to justify why your current life is just fine.

Go find your WHY. Dig deep and decide what you are willing to fight for. Realizing this dream will make each obstacle that you encounter meaningless, insignificant, and easy to overcome because you will be focused on the incredible life that awaits you!

(6) Nobody has the time.

You may be thinking that you don’t have the time to do network marketing. You are absolutely correct. In fact, no one has the time! We all use 24 hours each and everyday without a second remaining. I would guess that one of the reasons you are searching for a home-based business is that you would like to have more free time. This was at the top of my list of goals when I searched for the right home-based business opportunity. I wanted freedom over my time, which we can never obtain at a job. The challenge is MAKING the time to build a business around your current busy schedule. In my business I can teach someone how to get started if they have at least 10 hours a week to invest in their future.

An exercise I do with new representatives is to have them write down how they spend their week. You can do this right now to learn how you will make the time to fit a business into your lifestyle. We all have 168 hours in a week (this is 24 hours a day multiplied by 7 days a week). Decide which activities each day are non-negotiable, and which are negotiable. Figure out how much time exactly you are spending for each activity. For example, going to work, commuting time, or attending church may be non-negotiable activities. However, television time, when you do laundry, working out, and sleeping in are all in the negotiable categories if you are serious about changing your life and using a home-based business to help you achieve your dreams. You will see it is EASY to find ten hours a week when you realize how much time you are actually wasting everyday on unimportant activities that are not helping you get one step closer to your dream lifestyle.

Make a commitment to schedule prospecting phone calls, customer follow-ups, training calls, and other aspects of your business during this new time you have in your schedule. I used to joke that I had a mobile office because I would take my cell phone to my car during lunch while working at my old job and put 30 minutes or an hour into working on my business. Over the course of a week, a month, and a year this time adds up significantly. So grab a pen and paper and figure out how you will find negotiable time to build your future NOW!

(7) You are not in the vitamin business; you are in the teaching business.

You may think your product or service is the best one on the market. You may have dozens of success stories of customers raving about your products, and your life even may have been changed as a result of what you distribute. Your product may be the number-one seller in its class, and have been around for decades. Your company’s compensation plan may pay more than any other one out there. Heck, your company may be publicly traded, received a double-plus “A” rating by the Better Business Bureau, and even be the oldest AND the biggest network marketing company in the world! Unfortunately, your prospects do not care one bit!

Your prospects are looking to change their lives. They do not want to be a weight-loss coach! Your prospects want to provide for their families. They do not care about legal services! Your prospects’ heads will spin the first time they see the comp plan, anyway!

You must understand that your prospects are buying an opportunity to change their lives. The role that your business plays is simply that of a vehicle to help them get from where they are financially and personally to where they want to be. There are countless companies that will provide this for them, for many opportunities are credible, legitimate, and prosperous. The way you set yourself apart is by offering them what no other company can: YOU! You are the differentiating factor between your business and other opportunities. You must be the most attractive and appealing coach and mentor that your prospect is taking a look at, or they will pass you by for someone that they believe will teach them how to achieve their goals and dreams better than you can.

My mentor always told me, “If you want things to get better, you have got to be better.” This is where personal development plays a huge role in you developing your business, your team and yourself: it teaches you to be the best teacher you can be. Personal development means reading the books, listening to the CDs and the audios, attending the seminars that will make you an effective teacher. Jim Rohn, the International Business Philosopher, says, “Your business will only grow as fast as you do!”

Every day you should take the time to practice personal development. You have already started by reading this Free Report. You now know more than 99% of network marketers, since I have taught you everything I have learned that has helped me make a fortune. Continue your path of personal development, because there is no end to improving yourself. My business is not looking for salesman; we’re looking for teachers. When you can sell, you make a living. But when you can teach others how to do it, and they can teach others, and so on… that is how you build a financial wall around yourself that nothing can penetrate.



Melissa McCloud * [email protected] * www.ConsciousMentor.com * http://twitter.com/ConsciousMentor

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At the right time


I came across your article at the perfect time. I am fairely new in the MLM industry, at present heavily involved in reading to understand and develop, (ie. the MLM recruiting - vs - mentoring confusion.).

I appreciated the fact that you took the time and the trouble to explain your development in detail. It certainly helped me verifying the MLM qualities (and qualifications) that I personally believe are important.

Ingebjorg Froberg

Ingebjorg Froberg — Sat, 12/19/2009 - 7:48am

Fantastic Article

Great Job...Very Timely...Thanks!


Tim Stephens — Mon, 12/21/2009 - 9:11am

Hi Melissa,what an amazing

Hi Melissa,what an amazing post,I love the way you write and you just tell what is inside of my mind,i will have to share this post with my friends on facebook :)
Btw, i visited your blog and bookmark it.. you are a great woman and mentor.

Cherry Cheung — Mon, 12/21/2009 - 10:04am

Thanks for your Post!

I'm a new network marketer and found this post to be honest and inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

Jen Liu — Mon, 12/21/2009 - 1:32pm

The 7 Truths About MLM

What you stated should not be "secrets", but "truths" about our business. Everything you mentioned is 100% truthful. Thank you Melissa for this great article. I am forwarding it on to others in my organization.

Dave Zuro — Mon, 12/21/2009 - 4:56pm

MLM /Direct Sales Wisdom

Hello Melissa,
Your Blog on the 7 Truths is outstanding.
I was told you can not do this business by yourself.
As a new distributor you are excited about the opportunity, but you don't have a clue what is happening. Get a successful mentor and use three way calling with your prospects.
Thanks for your wisdom and truth

Darrick Gilmore — Mon, 12/21/2009 - 7:36pm

Hello Melissa,

Great Article! Couldn't have said it better myself.
I know that there is a big push to use the internet exclusively but you still need face to face contact to be truly successful.

Thanks and God Bless,

Michael Ledford

PS. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Prosperous and Happy New Year!!!

Michael Ledford — Tue, 12/22/2009 - 11:22am

Fantastic Content Melissa!

Great information for folks struggling to make it in Network Marketing. I always bring up these topics in my business and stress the importance of remembering these things and never give up. You will find success but only if you keep the positive attitude and never quit. It's easy to say "I Quit" and go back to the everyday hum drum crap. Easy to quit...Networking Marketing is hard but it is well worth it. It really is the only surefire way to build wealth...if you do do it right!

Don Egnor — Wed, 12/23/2009 - 10:57am

Like a breath of fresh air!

Great post! This is so timely especially at a time when you see all the bashing about MLM and network marketing. I totally agree with you. Network marketing is a GREAT vehicle for the RIGHT reasons and done the RIGHT way and you have put it out there. Exactly my thoughts! Thanks

Satinder Ajrawat MD — Fri, 12/25/2009 - 12:46pm

Keys Of Gold

Hi, Melissa. Your article is well written. There is so much colour in your story. I give this one a great big thumbs up. What a great example. Thank you so much for sharing these golden keys of success!

Derek Fobert — Tue, 12/29/2009 - 7:59pm

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