STOP Trying To Be Like The Gurus... START being yourself - It's MORE likely to lead to success!

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The gurus in network marketing, internet marketing and multi level marketing have been successful because they've played to their own strengths, mastered some fundamental rules of the game, and made the most of their situation and the drivers and motivators they had and have that drove them away from the past they didn't want towards the future they do want.

If you try to copy what they did too closely, you are in danger of not being true to yourself, your situation, or the future you want. Your subconscious will know this, and, strangely, work to sabotage things for you - you become your own worse enemy!

Take stock of your situation:

  • What is in your past and present that you don't want anymore (this is about identifying your 'away from' motivations)
  • What do you want your future to look like, feel like and sound like? What do you want to be doing and saying in this 'future perfect'? (this is about identifying your 'towards' motivations)
  • What skills do you have that you are actually quite good at? (Tip: ask others that know you well - get their perspective - they're usually right! Ask as many people as you can and look for the themes and trends - where several people suggest the same skills for example) - these are skills you should make the most of in your extra income home-based business. Avoid the temptation of trying to get good at skills you currently don't have and want, but need for your business - look to have somebody else who IS good at these skills do what is needed - pay them or barter services etc to make it work...
  • What is it about home-based business that you have a real passion for? - it could be content - the stuff you sell, and/or it could be about operations, such as the way you give great customer service and really help people out with their problems and challenges.
  • What is you current situation - how many hours a day and per week can you honestly give over to your second income home business without jeopardising important relationships at home and/or at work? How much money can you put in to your business now, and on a regular, on-going basis? I don't care what others say about building a business with no money - you ARE going to need some!

Based on all the above answers, what product or service can you offer from a second income home-based business that is the best fit between your personal values, your work & home situation, the time & money available now and on an on-going basis, your drivers and motivations, and your skills strengths and gaps?

Talk to people about this - reflect on it for a while - maybe over days or weeks - I've known people reflect on this and try stuff out over a period of YEARS before they got it right - get as clear as possible with the answers to the above and you will clarify and focus on this very quickly - days & weeks instead of years. And be comfortable with the possibility that you may reflect on several very different products & services before you find the one that truly fits the best...

Many people fail to consider these and other questions, and I believe this is one of the reasons why people can get frustrated quickly, and feel the gurus are ripping people off - they're not, not the true gurus. It's just that people deep down know they're in a different situation from the gurus and aren't clear and confident enough to believe that the solution they've just bought from a guru (for $100s) is the full story or even the right story for them to follow...

There are 12 great obstacles to success in this game. Clarity of purpose and trying to be somebody else is wrapped up in one of these obstacles. To find out what the other 11 obstacles are, look out for my next articles on this (and if you can't, email me to express your frustration and to tell me what YOU think the focus of the next article should be...!)

My very sincere best wishes for the future, what ever path you take.





Martin Schmalenbach


Martin Schmalenbach helps individuals and organisations make informed decisions about enhancing business performance. He has worked all over the world with all manner of individuals and organisations. Involved in MLM since 2001 he is the author of The Network Marketing Manifesto & Workbook. He lives in the south of the UK with his wife Tracy & 3 papillon dogs.


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Be Yourself

I once upon a time thought that was the way to go, you can't run before you learn to walk. After nine months with no success i found out the hard way. It has cost me $1000s and i am no nearer finding success than when i started. Well thats not exactly true, i now know what definately doesn't work...So i can at least say i am half way there. If it takes me another nine months to get where i intend to go, it will i'm sure be fun.
So here's to a success laden future in 2009 and beyond!

Michael Henry — Sun, 02/15/2009 - 7:55am

STOP Trying To Be Like The Gurus... START being yourself - It's

Hi Martin, well put.  I couldn't wait to read you next articles.

To your success,


Ha Tran — Sun, 02/15/2009 - 10:01pm

Speak your Future into Existence

I've followed and listened to champion networkers and great mentors and one of the all time best quotes that springs to mind  is from John Di Lemme.

He says  "You have to Speak Your Future into Existence"

When you speak your future into existence, there's no such thing as "try" or "hope to do something".  It's always forward affirmative thinking.  Such as "I will"  "I do"  " I am".

No negative vibes, no doubts, no uncertainty  ....  just speaking your future into existence.

Hey, even Frank Kern says that if you say something, then it must be true ... otherwise you wouldn't have said it.

Words are definitely powerful things.

I think it was also John who said that "Words are the Software of our Minds", so be very careful for what you say.

For what you say, is a wish that may soon come to reality.

Be Careful Folks.



Steve Metcalfe — Sun, 02/15/2009 - 10:01pm


It's funny Martin that you should mention this and this is great information for people to know. The reason that I say this is funny is because someone could be following a person who is, in their perspective, a "Guru" when really, all they are doing is going down the same dead end road as this so called "Guru" is. You know that old cliché, the blind leading the blind? My rule of thumb is if the person sounds like they do not know what they are talking about, then they probably don't.

Be careful with who you give your time to, because once it's gone, it's gone.

Best wishes to you,

Alfonzo Gasaway II

Alfonzo Gasaway II — Mon, 02/16/2009 - 7:33am

Thank you for this great

Thank you for this great article!  It's so true that when you are yourself people will like you (of course if you are a good person. lol).  Most people have a radar for spotting people that are not being themselves... i don't know, you can just tell by the way they talk to you, etc.


Giselle Benites — Mon, 02/16/2009 - 2:46pm

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