DIY Auto Repair Projects - Planning and Preparation In Advance Helps to Enjoy Success

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Not many people actually lift the hoods of their cars, to take up the repair work challenges. They find it safe and convenient to take it to their local automobile workshop, and hand it over to the professionals.  However, if you do wish to take up the challenge, then you will need to make sure that you follow the procedures thoroughly.

Simple repairs everyone must be capable of doing

Changing air filter - You will need to change air filter a couple of times every year. There is no need to employ any tools to address this task.

Changing a tire - Tire puncture can happen anytime and anywhere. If you are not aware of how to use a jack then you will be stranded on the roadside or in wilderness. Make sure that the car has a spare wheel and jack in the trunk.

Changing fluids - Transmission fluid, engine oil, windshield wiper fluid, brake fluid and engine antifreeze needs to be checked and filled. You can find the location of these under the hood, which will be displayed in the manufacturer’s manual.

Swapping windshield wiper blades - Changing wiper blades twice a year requires no tools.

DIY repairs that need little skills

Replace bulbs - When the headlights, exterior lights or tail lights burn out or break then replace the bulbs. However, changing bulbs on some cars is difficult.

Fuses - In most vehicles, fuses are located under the dashboard bottom. With the help of a reliable diagram you can easily find out, which fuse is related to which control.

Changing oil - Actual task is simple, just unplug oil tank, drain and refill the oil then replug. The hard part is to get under the car and finding a safe place to dispose the old oil.

Employing OBD scanner - OBD scanner is a machine used in repair shop. It is plugged in your car’s diagnostic port to identify what is wrong. There is no need to purchase a scanner because some car repair shops or auto parts stores allow you to use theirs. Remember, the scanner detects the issue but does not fix it.

Doing things yourself is a good feel and shrinks down time. For DIY kind, here is do and don’t list to attain the best car repair experience.


  • Never forget to put on safety glasses to avoid metal strike in the eye, while fixing your car
  • Other protective gear includes heavy work gloves to restrict damages
  • Before starting repairs place blocks under car wheels to prevent vehicle from rolling
  • For using floor jack, it is recommended to look in the owner’s manual to locate safe jacking points
  • Deploy jack stands so as to support the car, in case of emergency
  • Review the car repair procedure from start to finish
  • In some cases, you will need to remove auto parts to reach to the targeted area
  • Make sure you have everything (part, supplies and tools) necessary on-hand because disruption or distractions in workflow can increase repair time as well as the possibility of making errors


  • Never take any shortcuts follow step-by-step instructions given in the manuals to ensure that the components warranty stays intact.

A little planning, while repairing cars can get the task done efficiently. Read all the instructions provided on our website, before loosening the first bolt.


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