The "Guru Lie Detector..."

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Yep, there's a free piece of software that you might like that I use on almost every site I visit online...

I call it my "Guru" Lie Detector ;-) because it allows me to pretty accurately detect if someone who is claiming huge success online is actually being successful...

It's "real" name is the Alexa Toolbar (or Plugin, Add On, extension etc depending on what browser you are using)
The main thing I use it for is to see the "traffic rankings" of every site that I go to.  They do a pretty good job of ranking sites online, from 1 to 30 million or so... #1 being google, #2 Facebook, #3 Youtube etc...
It's a pretty cool way to know in Minutes if a supposed "Guru" is lying to you! You can pretty much know they are lying if they are telling you that they make "Millions" Online, or generating thousands of leads etc but their Alexa isn't even under 1,000,000 or Less!
I'm not an affiliate or anything for Alexa, I wont make any money or anything if you decide to download the toolbar, just figured I'd pass it along and hopefully it will help you not fall for some bogus "Guru's" hype...
On that same note, another cool piece of free software that I use a lot is called DropBox.  The video on their site explains it pretty well...
Basically, it's a really cool service that allows you to put a folder or "Box" on your computer, and everything that you put in that folder will automatically sync up with your account online so you can access it from anywhere that has an internet connect.
Then if you are like me and have more than one computer, iPhone, iPad, Android etc, you can install it on all your machines and it will automatically keep all the different devices you have synced up...
I use my dropbox about a hundred times a day!
I used to carry around a little 4 Gig Jump/Flash Drive, that I would keep all the files for the different projects I was currently working on -- Different web pages, presentations, images etc --  I haven't carried that jump drive in over a year now that I have drop box.
I just throw all my important files in there, like you would save in any other folder, and I know they are always going to be on any one of my computers or mobile devices, or available online whenever I need them.
It's cool, it's free and it can really help out your productivity.
Oh, and you can share specific files or folders with others so if you have files that you are working on with a friend or partner, just throw them in a special folder in your drop box and invite your friend to have access to them... My wife uses it for her photography and design business a lot for showing clients her work.
Again, I'm not an "Affiliate" and won't make any money from DropBox if you decide to use the free service or upgrade to one of their higher storage limits... BUT, something that is pretty cool, they give you an extra 250MB of free space for every person you refer who downloads and installs it for free, so try it out so I can get some extra free space ;-)
So there you go, a Lie Detector to help keep you safe from scammers online, and some pretty cool productivity software that you can use in your business or personal life.
P.S. If you want more info about how we can work together, go ahead and check out: Work With Kimball Roundy
P.P.S  If you haven't listened to the Podcast that I did with Daegan Smith make sure to check it out... He grilled me in an interview about how I was able to grow the SpiderWeb System to over 550K members in under 18 Months...

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