The Importance of Solar Systems

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There are many benefits to using solar systems, and it is a growing renewable energy source. Solar panels use nature to generate electricity and heat. Converting sun light to electricity with solar systems eliminates the need to use any other form of fuel. 
Are Solar Systems Important
Yes, the use of solar panels can cut the cost of electricity, heat and hot water. It can help our environment in many ways too. Adapting to the use of a renewable electric and heat resources like solar systems Melbourne is important if we want to save our planet. Sunlight is free and there is plenty of it, so why do we depend so heavily on oil, natural gas, coal and other non-renewable resources to generate the power we need. 
Dangers and Cost of Non-renewable Resources
Think about all the conflict and controversy over oil, the billions of dollars spent and the dependence of one nation on another for supplies to meet the growing demands. Drilling for oil is timely, costly and can be very dangerous to humans and the environment.Recent and past oil spills have contaminated our waters, and killed fish which is a major food source for many. Oil spills have washed ashore, harmed wildlife and led to thousands of jobs being lost. The cost of cleaning up a major oil spill is astronomical, and it can take years. Coal mining is dangerous to the men and women who risk their lives every day working in the mines. There are health risk associated with mining, the land and community as a whole have to deal with waste and other dangers related coal mining. 
Converting Sun Light is Renewable Energy
Solar panels use photovoltaic cells to convert the suns energy into electricity and heat, and this is a natural resource that is renewable with no additional cost. Converting sun light to energy requires no burning of harmful chemicals, this produces no carbon dioxide like burning coal. By converting sunlight for our energy we can use non-renewable resources, such as coal, for other useful purposes and reduce pollution. The cost of electricity is rising and with a constantly growing population dependent on technology and energy the use of a natural resource like sunlight, which is readily available will help cut cost and can decrease the emission of harmful pollutants into the air we need to survive.

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