The Innovation Of Smartphones Resumes With i-BLADES

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Experts of the industry and consumers who have been buying and using smartphones since their inception have agreed on the fact that smartphones are not seeing any innovation in the recent times. Most new smartphones are just about upgrading the old specifications or reintroducing the features that were taken away for some reason in the past. The innovation has stopped so much that Apple announced that it will now introduce its phones in 3-year cyc­les. Apple stated that no major changes will be brought into a phone model within one cycle of 3 years. The reason they stated was plateauing of smartphone innovation.

Since the smartphone manufacturers have surrendered so badly, it was time for other new brains to think of some new, creative and practical ideas to revive the smartphones. That’s when i-BLADES came into the picture. i-BLADES is the name of latest smartphone cases that will change the way you have always thoughts about smartphone cases. I-BLADES smartphone cases are smart cases that have to be called the best innovation for smartphones in the recent years. While it is true that they are cases, you have to keep in mind that they are not like ordinary cases.

IBlade smartphone cases are the first of their kind because they offer modularity. Modularity is the next big thing in smartphone industry as predicted by many experts. However, LG’s take on making smartphone modularity with their LG G5 did not become a hit in the users. A better idea is by adding a smart case to the phone as well as modularity. The smart cases have microchips fitted in them that allow them to add many functionalities and features to the smartphones that are not there originally. The best thing is that they are still perfect cases that protect your phone from all sides.

With i-BLADES cases you first protect your precious smartphone from all sides and then add functionalities like external card, extra battery etc. The biggest problem with modern smartphones is their poor battery life. They keep making their screens better but their batteries don’t get better that much. With an i-BLADES smartphone case on your smartphone you will be able to add extra battery to your phone. This extra battery will attach to the case you have on your phone. The phone will still remain slim and you won’t have to go through the hassle of opening its back cover.

Taking pictures with smartphones is the biggest hobby today. With those thousands of photos you need a huge space too. But what if your smartphone only has 32GB on it? The best solution comes with i-BLADES smart case that allows you to add external memory card to your phone by attaching it to your case. Yes, your phone might not have external memory card feature but this amazing case does. The company has made it available in many different colors so you pick one that goes best with your smartphone. You could only imagine how good these cases will become in the coming future as they offer more and more features.  


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