latest Videocon LCD/Plasma TV models

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Videocon is a sell known brand in the electronic products market. This is the most renowned Indian brand. Videocon LCD TVs have the unique feature to receive direct DTH or direct-to-home service. With this service, there is no need to of set top box. The Videocon LCD TVs comes in attractive design and have advance technical feature. The screen display and the color pattern are of best quality. These devices have a striking contrast proportion of 100000:1, high resolution up to 1080P and many more. In order to give their users good movie watching watching experience, the company has done lots of market research and incorporated newer technologies in its product.

Videocon Hurricane 32 is a 32 inch LCD TV HD with 16.7 millions color display and brightness of 450. A special energy meter installed in it, prompt the users about the energy consumption just by pressing a button. USB 720p with DIVx (USB movie) can play all versions of movie. Videocon Hurricane 32 has a dynamic contrast ratio of 60000:1 and resolution of 1366 X 768. HDMI inputs in it enables you to connect any external devices which operate on a single cable. The unique DNR technology automatically reduces block noise and improves roughness of images. It also has a lamp life of 50,000 hrs minimum and a viewing angle of 178 degree. Videocon Hurricane 32 comes with Eco Vision technology which ensures that the device consumes just about 20% of total energy consumption.

Videocon V32531FG is a full HD LCD TV. This LCD TVs comes with a mega contrast ratio and 1920 X 1080 resolution. Displaying 1.06 billion colors it has Nanopix technology. Full HD 1080p brings richness to the texture, enhances and sharpens the colors to give most real effect to the picture. Videocon V32531FG also comes with a Energy meter which prompt user about the energy consumption just by pressing a button. PIP one program is displayed on the full TV screen and at the same time one or more programs are displayed in inset windows. The USB 720p with DIVx is capable to play all versions of videos. The design of Videocon V32531FG will give you the ultimate style and sophistication.

Videocon VLL22NBL is a 22 inch full HD LCD TV. It comes with 30000:1 contrast ratio and 1366 X 768 pixels screen resolution. Like other Videocon LCD TV models, Videocon VLL22NBL also comes with Energy Meter which prompts the user about the energy consumptions by clicking a button. It also features 3D Noise reduction. The Eco Vision features ensures the LCD TV consume just 20% of the total energy consumption. Videocon VLL22NBL comes with a HDMI port, component port, USB port, child lock, hotel mode and auto off. The sharp look compliments this stylish LCD TV.

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