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There are occasions in life when the family car doesn’t offer enough room to carry all the intended passengers. Whether you’re taking additional passengers, or are concerned that you won’t have room for the luggage that you need, then a minibus provides this room while renting provides the typical benefits. Choose a minibus that is an appropriate size, one that offers plenty of storage space for luggage, and one with an engine and transmission type that you are comfortable with. Also ensure that you are getting the necessary features that you want from the rental agreement itself.

Even if you’re going on a family holiday, the car that would normally prove adequate for you and your partner, and the kids, may be too cramped. Hours in a confined, overly cramped space will inevitably lead to bickering and discomfort – not the ideal way to start a family holiday. If you typically drive around in a smaller hatchback, or if you’re taking additional family members or friends away with you, then renting a minibus may be the only way that you can fit all the passengers and luggage in.

There are many makes and models of minibus, and if you include MPVs because they will hold more people and luggage than a standard car, then you have a wide variety of choice. Typical models of minibus will hold anywhere from 6 passengers to 16 passengers, but beware of choosing one that holds only the exact amount of people that are travelling, because you may find that space for luggage is restricted.

Consider the amount of legroom that passengers will want. Young children don’t require as much legroom as adults, but they may need more room to spread out, fall asleep, and keep their DVD player, games consoles, and other items that keep them busy and quiet on the journey. Elderly passengers will normally require more room so that they can move around and get comfortable, therefore ensuring that they enjoy a comfortable trip, free from pain.

Size is important, when choosing a rental vehicle, but so too is the comfort and driving comfort that the vehicle offers. Most minibuses use modern diesel engines because they provide greater fuel economy than their petrol counterparts. There are a limited number of automatic models, but the majority of models are manual. You can also decide whether you want a standard minibus or one that provides a more luxurious interior and a better looking exterior.

When renting a minibus, it isn’t just the model of minibus that you need to consider. You should also ensure that you are getting everything you need from the rental agreement itself. As well as making sure that you have the vehicle for the time and days that you need it, consider adding a second driver to share the workload, and if you are planning to travel to mainland Europe, then you will need to include this as an additional extra as part of your rental agreement.

Nationwide Hire offers a range of minibus models and rental features to ensure that your minibus rental offers everything you need. Whether you’re planning a family trip, a stag weekend, or have any other requirement for a minibus, visit the website and get a quote.

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