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What Is It?

(This is not an affiliate link and I do not earn money from promoting it. I just think this is a great application)

“My Post Butler” is a powerful but easy to use Windows XP .Net  desktop application.

It enables you to continuously monitor the Twitter API stream directly from your pc and in real time “auto follow” Twitter users based on “key words” they post.

The advantage of this app is it sits on your windows desktop and only you have access to it, no longer do you need to give out your twitter usernames and passwords to third party websites.

Why is it different?

Do You understand the difference between a web based Twitter tool that can make 150 API calls an hour for a single Twitter account and a dedicated Twitter .Net application running directly on your computer that can make 20,000 API calls an hour across multiple accounts?

Then you might want to buy a $10 copy of “MyPostButler”.
Be aware MyPostButler is a cannon in a world of pistols. With 20,000 api calls per hour from a whitelisted ip address (333 api calls per minute) if used incorrectly you could get your twitter account banned in under 45 seconds for excessive usage. This tool is fast.

- This isn’t a MLM scheme.
- I’m not going to teach you marketing.
- I wont be sending you a follow up email or selling you any books or classes or any other crap thats happening on twitter these days.

Basically i’m selling this tool as I already spent my time on the development of the software for my own projects requirements so you may as well take advantage of it as well.

At $10 a license (for life!! not per account or per month like some applications being offered), this license will work as long as the Twitter API operates – I think that’s a pretty reasonable fee to pay.

So What Exactly Does “MyPostButler” Do?

In simple terms “MyPostButler” is a Windows XP .Net desktop application that does three things really fast and really well;

1. “Auto Follow” Twitter users based on “Key Words” they enter.

2.   Send “Direct Message Broadcasts” to all your followers at once.

3.   “Bulk UnFollow Users” sorted by those who follow you back and those who dont.
“Keyword Search”
“MyPostButler” connects directly to the Twitter API stream. You can register multiple Twitter accounts and search for up to 4 keywords in real time for each of the Twitter accounts you register. You can set  ‘Stop Limits’ of 50, 100 and 200 max followers per keyword.

Once it has automatically followed these 50, 100, 200 twitter users it also allows “One touch direct view” of people that you have followed.
(Clicking on the followers name opens your browser to”username” ).

eg. Create a hashtag for your hiking group then when people post this hashtag in their messages your application will automatically follow these accounts

“Direct Message Broadcast”
Using the “Send Message” function allows you to send direct messages to your Twitter followers in bulk, fast.No longer do you need to send direct messages individually to your users one at a time, send it to multiple follows at a time.

Basically you have 3 options
1/ Add individual users
2/ Add all users
3/ Add all users, and then remove some of them.

Once you select who is to receive the message, type out up to 140 characters, no need to put D+username or @+username etc, this is handled automatically.

Click “Send” and thats it – everyone of your direct messages will be streamed to your followers via the Twitter API.

eg. Create an account for your hiking group then when an activity is cancelled due to rain use your mytwitterbutler application to automatically send a direct message to all these accounts who follow you.

“Unfollow Users”
Using the new “Unfollow Users” function the people you follow on Twitter are separated into two groups:

1/ Those that follow you back
2/ Those that dont follow you.You can now select people you want to unfollow and with one click they are gone.

eg. Create an account for your hiking group then if someone is no longer involved you can remove them from your account quickly and easily.

Be careful of ‘churning’.

How Much Does It Cost? How Do I Pay For It?

Payment is via Paypal only. No cheques, no cash, no Western Union.“MyPostButler” is licensed at $10 per installation.

Orders are processed manually after payment is taken via Paypal so can take 24 hours before you receive your version of the software.

It is licensed specifically for one primary Twitter username hard coded in the Windows .Net source code though you can add as many accounts as you want all for only $10 per installation not per account.

You must provide the email address you want the license emailed to, and the Primary Twitter Username you want associated with the license (no need for password) or any other details.

You can use as many Twitter user names as you want at no additional charge.You can change the primary twitter name but basically your license will install this name each time you reinstall the application.

p.s. This is not an affiliate link and I do not earn money from promoting it. I just think this is a great application

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