5 Steps to Improving Your Site’s Authority in 2016

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Google made some important changes that are sure to impact the SEO world in 2016. With the search giant altering its algorithm to favor mobile-friendly websites and an artificial intelligence that is not helping Google deliver search results, marketers have a lot on their plates this year.

So, how can you boost or maintain your site authority in 2016?

Let’s explore.

1.      Publish Expert Content

Last year, Google broke the Internet by releasing its Search Quality Rater’s Guidelines in full. The release was the most insightful look at how Google’s algorithm works. The document was long and complex, but it contains some valuable insights for the best seo strategies for your company. Marketers and content writers should ensure they are meeting the requirements of Google’s latest algorithm update.

One of the main points highlighted by the guidelines was the need for expert content. Marketers have known for years that copied content, abandoned sites, stuffed keywords, and mainly spammy content make a page low-quality. But what they’ve learned recently is that content created by people who lack expertise, authoritativeness or trustworthiness is also considered to be poor.

Google values pages that have the highest levels of expertise and that gain the trust of users by providing helpful content created by expert content writers. User-generated content, for instance, can be problematic since it’s hard to test the expertise of every person who posts on your page.

2.      Create More Landing Pages

Landing pages represent a great medium for business owners who want to create PPC ads or use affiliate links to get more traffic. If they are used correctly, landing pages can help you boost the site’s authority. According to recent reports, businesses with up to 40 landing pages get up to seven times more leads than companies with just 1 to five landing pages.

However, in spite of their effectiveness, many marketers avoid creating them because they’re thought to be too challenging to create. Those marketers are missing out on great opportunities.

For starters, landing pages are a great way to segment your audience and deliver targeted content to the right people. More than that, they can boost your conversion rates, helping you increase your ROI and grow your business. 

3.      Don’t Ignore Meta Content

Meta tags represent small blurbs that tell searchers and Google what your page is about. Although they are displayed just in the page’s source code, meta tags play a vital role in increasing your site’s authority.

To make your meta tags as effective as possible, you need to respect the character limit of each one. Until recently, the character limit was 60 characters for meta titles and 150 characters for descriptions. However, as of May 2016, Google extended the length of meta titles and descriptions to 70 characters and 260 characters respectively.

Another important thing is to use keywords naturally in your meta content. Don’t forget to include a call-to-action to prompt prospects to take action and get more visitors.

4.      Use More Visual Content

We process images 60,000 times faster than words. Because the human brain is wired to love images, articles that include visual content receive up to 94% more views.

In light of this, it should be clear that including video content in SEO strategy is a crucial step to improving your site’s authority and increasing page views.

5.      Grow Your Blog

There are now over 152 million blogs on the Internet. Simply setting up a blog and start writing isn’t enough if you want to increase your site’s authority. You need to handle things a bit more strategically.

One of the most important steps is to set measurable goals. Analyze your SEO and content marketing needs and ask yourself how can blogging help you fulfil them?

Another important thing you need to keep in mind is the length. According to Neil Patel, blog posts that are 2,000 words long get more shares. More shares mean that your blog will get more visitors. And, more visitors mean that your blog is authoritative in the eyes of Google.

If boosting your site’s ranking is on your list, get started with these tricks. Hopefully, they will help you reach your goals. 


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