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GeBIZ is the Singapore government's one-stop e-procurement portal. All the public sector's invitations for quotations and tenders are posted on GeBIZ. Suppliers can search for government procurement opportunities, download tender documents, and submit their bids online. 

GeBIZ allows any supplier to access public sector business opportunities anywhere and anytime with just an Internet connection.  As a city-state, Singapore does not have local government/ sub-central authorities.

The bulk of Government Procurement (GP) activities in Singapore is decentralised to individual Ministries, Departments, Organs of State and Statutory Boards. However, they must adhere to central procurement guidelines issued by the Ministry of Finance.

Centralised purchasing is carried out for common goods and services and Ministries, Departments, Organs of State and Statutory Boards can purchase off service-wide contracts.

Government Procurement Policies & Procedures

The Singapore Government adopts the fundamental principles of fairness, openness and competitiveness for its government procurement policies. Tenders are awarded to the bid that brings the best value for money for the public sector, taking a holistic approach.

Singapore is party to the 1994 Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA) under the World Trade Organization.

Depending on the estimated value of the GP, the procurement procedure adopted could be by way of a Small Value Purchase, by way of inviting Quotations, or by Tender.

Small Value Purchase
A Small Value Purchase, for items of goods or services up to $3,000, may be carried out directly by the authority by buying off-the-shelf or purchasing directly from known sources.

Use of Quotations 
For items of goods or services valued above $3,000 and up to $70,000, Quotations will be invited. In this process, at least two officials are responsible for the purchase: one to invite, receive and evaluate offers and make recommendation; the other to approve the recommendation.

Use of Tenders
Tenders are invited by using the OpenSelective or Limited Tendering procedures. 

  • Open Tender
    All GPs of above $70,000 must adopt tendering procedures. Under an Open Tender, all suppliers may participate by responding to Tender Notices. 
    An Open or Selective Tender will be called unless the circumstances allow for a Limited Tender to be called.
  • Selective Tenders
    For a Selective Tender to be used, a qualification of interested suppliers, based on their capabilities, is carried out first so as to exclude suppliers who do not meet the minimum requirements. Suppliers qualified in this process are then invited to submit tenders.

Limited Tenders 
In a Limited Tendering procedure, tenders are invited from only a few suppliers, or from one pre-identified supplier. The use of a Limited Tender has to be approved by the Permanent Secretary (for Ministries) or the CEO (for a statutory board). Some instances where a Limited Tender may be used are when no responsive tender is received from an earlier Open or Selective Tender, when it concerns national security, or when it is not feasible/practical to call for open tenders e.g. because of intellectual property rights or for works of art.

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