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It would be contradictive and high risk to give the appearance and the content of a website the least priority when setting up your business. Given that a website is the company’s first point of contact while online, I bet most owners would want it to be as compelling and definite as possible. With the massive amount of competition businesses face each day, a great website helps maneuver through all the odds allowing it to find its niche among its competitors.

While for a business owner, investing in a professional web developer or designer is deemed as the greatest foundation towards hosting quality and unique content for the target audience, it is imperative that the designer not only possess more than the required skills and expertise, but more so be able to think outside the box.  

What are the tricks and tips used by web developers?

Let’s face it, designing and development of a new website can be outrageously time consuming, especially when endearing in a different territory. While time has always been a key factor towards maximizing productivity, it is not a matter of choice but it’s imperative to ensure its effectiveness and efficiency which enables us to bring forth added value at a relatively competitive cost.

Below are tips and tricks that web developers might incorporate:-

Make a sketch draft

Before you jump onto the computer to design the real thing, make use of a pen and paper to compose your thoughts and express your ideas in writing. While this may be time consuming, you would be overly surprised how much time you end up saving, time that was likely to be wasted trying to pursue a poor template simply because you already initiated it.

Going for a responsive design

A responsive design helps narrow down the chances that you will be on the same road redesigning the same site simply because it’s not compatible with a variety of devices. Using a responsive design ensures that users can access the site from either a regular desktop, that tiny mobile or tab device, all of which by the way have become the current trend.

Quality complementary images

Instead of using custom made images which if my bet is right, has already been used over and over again. Using royalty images on websites brings forth a sense of credibility, blending in uniqueness and creating brand loyalty.

Value of Second Opinion

Everyone needs honesty and direction and as much as you may feel in possession of that surpassing confidence; you should avoid designing in seclusion from everyone else. Sometimes you find that what appears as a sharp inclination might be indeed a great fuss or exaggeration from the honest dictation of a colleague. Leaving your design quarters and asking for honest direction will only improve your designs.

Font and Content organization

Keeping an updated font library helps you save time you’d waste going back to Google to fish for more fonts. On the same note, ensure you organize the layer component into something navigable to make the content easily accessible by the target audience.

Colour and Contrast

Make sure to match colours evenly to retain a blended colour scheme while avoiding flashy and screaming colour combinations.


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