Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value!

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“Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value” is a famous quote written by none other than Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein was a well know scientiest and his legacy still exist today. Albert Einstein was a leader and people flock to him. Becoming a leader is a must if you expect to succeed in anything you do in life. Network Marketing is about building people up. It can either make you or break you; but the choice is up to you. Attraction marketing is building relationships, saleing yourself, and offering value. A simple definction of attraction marketing is building relationships.

Attraction marketing is about building relationships. The fundamental principles of network marketing has not change. Network marketing is about building a list, creating a relationship with that list, and monetising that list. Most people skip from A to C; and never take the time to create the relationship. 97% of home based businesses fail; because most people in the business do not know how to sale, market, and how to run a business. They was sold a dream; and was not given the proper steps in order to succeed. They are stuck in a business; losing money; and begging friends and family to join their business. They have no idea how to make their business work and now they are frustrated. They have two options left; quit or learn what the other 3% did in order to be sucessful. If you do not believe in yourself; no one else will.

Attraction marketing is about saleing yourself. People do not join a business, they join you. People are interested in How you made it, How did you become successful, How did you get that job, How did you make a million dollars? When you stop trying to sell your business to a person and start trying to help them; you will no longer be a threat. The propspect will begin to trust you; and that is where the relationship is built.
The only way to quench their thirst is to offer them something of value.

A person is not interested in your business; they are more interested in you. Everyone is looking for a leader. They are looking for someone to lead the way (an Alpha). In order to become a leader; a person must offer something of value. A newsletter, training, and ebooks are good examples of things to offer a person. Most network marketers make the mistake of of pitching their business first. They become another person trying to take their money and not offering them anything in return. In order to be successful, you must offer value.

Attraction marketing is about building relationships, become a leader, and offering value. If you have not read Mike Dillards “Magnetic Sponsoring”, go get it now.

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