What is "Infinite Intelligence" and how can you make it work for you?

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The term "Infinite Intelligence" conjures up a myriad of images, from the wisdom of King Solomon, to a Super Computer, crunching hundreds of thousands of numbers. In reality, it's neither of those.

"Infinite Intelligence" is as old and as vast as time. It is the glue that connects all living things with a "higher intelligence". It links the senses to the conscious mind. It is the inspiration that we feel when an idea hits us in the gut (hence the term, "gut feeling"), or when we sit down and effortlessly write an article or a book and the words seem to flow from another place. Whether you believe in God, or just the existence of a higher intelligence, "Infinite Intelligence" is what comes from it to us and flows back to it from us, in a constant ebb and flow.

Our five senses receive information, images and impressions twenty-four hours a day. Called 'Subjective Signals', we consciously allow or disallow this information to be received by our senses. We receive "Subjective Signals" by watching TV, listening to the radio, talking to friends and co-workers, taking a drive to a new area, smelling or eating a new kind of food, etc. If we chose not to receive 'subjective signals', we would have to consciously block our senses from receiving external stimulus. We could do this by sitting in a dark room, alone, or meditating, for example. My main point is that we have control over what our senses receive or do not receive on any given day regarding external stimuli.

Once our senses receive external stimuli, it is transferred to the subconscious. As the information is received by the subconscious, it is transferred to the body and acted upon. For example, you step out into bright sunlight, it hits your retina, the signal is transferred to your subconscious that the light is too bright and you blink. Further action might take the form of deciding to put on your sunglasses. The action of the sun hitting your retina has caused both a subconscious action (you blink) and a conscious action (you decide you need to put on your sunglasses).

There are times when you might get a hunch, or an intuitive feeling, known as a "gut" feeling. This hunch is received from 'Infinite Intelligence", transferred to the conscious mind, which is then transferred to the subconscious mind, and then back to the body to be acted upon. When we sleep our subconscious mind is unguarded, and during that period, a person might have a thought that wakes them up. When this happens it is a good idea to write it down. This type of thing most often happens with creative types, such as authors or songwriters, but can happen to anyone. The person might wake up with an idea for a lyric or a book, and many have said that their inspiration came while they were sleeping. The unguarded subconscious mind allows them to channel inspiration directly from "Infinite Intelligence".

The subconscious is the part of our brain/being that does exactly what you need it to do, without thinking - It Just Is. It controls all of your automatic actions, like blinking your eyes, your heart beating, moving your arms and legs, and digesting your food. You can, however, control these automatic actions with the conscious mind. For example, there have been cases where people have actually willed themselves to die. People have been known to slow down their heartbeat during meditation merely with thought. A perfectly healthy person can make himself or herself sick enough to die if their conscious mind wills it - they can actually stop the automatic functions of a healthy body and cause them to shut down. You have heard of a person "dying of a broken heart", haven't you? If a person is in such a state of despair that they lose the will to live, they can actually cause their heart to stop functioning. On the other hand, people who are very ill have been known to beat the odds of survival, predicted for them by medical science, just by forcing the subconscious mind to heal their body through the will of the conscious mind. Gandhi said it best: "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are all in harmony" - Mohandas Gandhi

In conclusion, we all have the ability to control our mind, or as it's called, our "Mindset". We can teach re-train our subconscious to focus on the positive to become a habit that we do not have to consciously think about. I want to introduce you to the program that allowed me to change and improve my "Mindset" and move towards a more positive life.

- Judy Tarasek



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