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Do you believe in the millionaire mindset? Would you like to
learn how to easily adapt to it?

I like this topic because it can be so intriguing...

Most people want to be millionaires and most are looking
for a secret magic pill.  Then come those who talk about the
millionaire mindset and its secrets...

Seems in order to be wealthy and stay wealthy you need a
kind of mindset that is not available to the average

While one group believes that they have to work very hard
to make money, he other group feels that affirmations are te
way to go...

"I am a millionaire, I am a millionaire, I am a

Maybe they can meet half way...

Why am I talking about this?

Because it's a very powerful way to ensure you get rich...

So should you neglect the acivities that help your business

Absolutly not!

Even though I wanted to be rich, when I started a few years
ago, I failed miserably...

I believed I was committed to my success...

Here's what I discovered personally about the millionaire

1. It's ongoing - When I first started my business, I did't
know the first thing about the millionaire mindset, let
alone have it. So instead of doing more to grow my business,
I enjoyed my favorite shows, hung out with my friends, and
went to parties. When I was ake about my business, I didn't
have the confidence to explain what I did.

After a while it started to dawn on me that I had to copy
the millionaires. I realized that they were steeped in
relationships with other millionaires through seminars, Cds,
DVDs and even books. They were creating a culture, a
millionaire mindset culture...

I had a revelation of sorts at a conference where the
spokeswoman challenged us to deliberately observe our
actions, what we were feeling, and how we were thinking over
a period of 30 days. Her point being tha we had certain
habits that were being a hindrance to developing the
millionaire mindset and making our dreams come true...

I started to mentally note all the things I was actually
DOING to grow my business...

I noted my emotions about my business, what I wanted to
accomplish, and how confident I was about actually realising
my goals...

What I found was  startling. I didn't come close to having
a millionaire's mindset, although I swore it was what I

I had some very strong reasons for wanting to b successful
and I decided to be focused on my goals...

Did I have fear of faiure? Yes!

Was I sure of making it? Not at all!

Did I make up my mind to do it anyway? Yes!

Certain of my decision, I decided to commit:

a. I reduced my TV time - hard, but my goal to succeed was

b. I placed an a for my business online before going to

c. I included personal development in my schedule by
reading a book, listening to a CD or watching a DVD for
about 20 minutes a few times per week...

d. I cut down on  my social life...

e. I got the right kind of marketing education and took
action on what I was learning...

f. I started exercising 3 times per week - nothing too

g. People with millionaire mindsets talk to themselves
acrtain way and I started to o it too...

h. It was challenging, but I reduced communication with the
negative people in my life...

Here's what started to happen after a while:

a. I began to develop the millionaire mindset - I knew
because of the kinds of people who were drawn to me suddenly
and consistently...

b. Money began to come into my life as my business ventures
took off...

c. I enjoyed my business career and stayed up late to focus
on it..

d. My millionaire mindset is a daily journey...

2. It's a choice: developing a millionaire mindset is a
choice. You gradually come to a point where you make up your
mind and define what you want...

This is the next step if you stay focused on your dreams.

Don't let your dreams die by:

a. Stayng hungry for the things you want to accomplish.
Even if you don't know how or when or even if you'll make
it, just be very hungry to achieve it.

Wishing yourself the millionaire mindset and its benefits
is easy. As many times as you can, when things that you
don't like happen to you, just say "I wish the best for me I
wish the millionaire mindset for me" You can change the
words to fit the circumstance. I still use this to this

b. Many times, I heard millionaires say that I would get to
a point whee other will thank me for the help I was
providing, I didn't believe it. You need to wake up and do
your part becasue there are many lives that will be affected
by your greatness...

They will ask for your advise, be thankful you came along,
join any and every opportunity you recommend, become your
best buddies, be there for you - it's amazing...

Think about what your loved ones could accomplish by seeing
you charge forward? Your millionaire mindset would set an
example for them and some could go on to accomplihgreat
things themselves...

The  milionaire mindset may begin with your busness but in
the end it touches your personally - in who you become.

It is completely worth it to create a milionaire mindset. The
benefits are worth their weight in something more valuable
than gold. Developing the millionaire mindset will take you
and your business to incredible levels of achievement.

We provide free millionaire mindset and internet marketing courses

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Millionaire mentality can be learnt.

Great subject and good information.
My experience is: You are as good as the visualization of where you are going with your life. Affirmations help but a clear picture is tops. Focus and visualization and a mental aproach that allows change and accepts a challenge.
I wish more folk would give it a go. There would be a lot of surprized people.

Roger Macdivitt — Fri, 08/29/2008 - 6:53pm

Millionaire Mindset

Yes, having a clear vision is amazing. More people are starting to open up to the subject and to trying it out.

It really works!

Yvonne Chihak — Sat, 08/30/2008 - 9:10am

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