A Few Ways to ATTRACT More MONEY

This morning I was digging around in the Leader’s Club Training Archives and I found a really great article entitled “7 Ways to Attract More Money

It was a great read about applying the laws of attraction into your life and business to help bring in more cash flow. You might be at a point right now that you’re wondering why you’re not attracting money even when you’ve done everything you thought you needed to do. I’d like to share a couple things that really stood out for me that could help.

Money AWAY Yep that’s right…. the more you give the more you’ll receive. The trick is to give openly and freely…. when you give reluctantly you’re sending out signals of fear which will only attract more fear. You need to give with an open heart and expect return to come back to you. I’m not saying you need to go out and donate money you don’t have…. just keep in mind that about 10% of what comes in… you can be giving back.

Get SUPPORT One of the best things you can do is join a mastermind community with others who are devoted to the same goals as you. You need to be around people that keep your energy and inspiration HIGH. Check out the mastermind community that I’m involved with… you can join for Free.
 >>> Million Mind March Mastermind Community All of that wonderful support with help to attract more money.

Be Grateful NOW This is soooo important! Take a moment and ask yourself “what am I grateful for at this very moment?” Gratitude will send off signals of appreciation which will bring you MORE to be grateful for.

Hopefully this helps to start attracting more opportunities and more money your way, and remember by EXPECTING Success you will keep your brain on the look out for more opportunities.

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