The Truth About MLM Hype and Lies

I had a discussion with someone today who was pretty adamant that the articles at MLM Blog help in giving the industry of Network Marketing a bad name. 

Let's think about this for a second.  If you have a friend who robs a bank and a local newspaper reports that your friend robbed a bank, is the newspaper responsible for tarnishing the name of your friend or is your friend responsible for tarnishing his own name by robbing a bank in the first place?

In the conversation, Efusjon came up. So here is the driving question: Am I giving Efusjon a bad name by exposing the fact that they had no partnership with Facebook, they changed their compensation plan twice in the last few months and that some of their top earners lost 30 to 70% of their income while the company lost over 12,000 associates as a result of these issues?

Reality check: The hype and lies harm the reputation, not the reporting of the hype and lies.

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Well Put Ty

It seems as though people still want to shoot the proverbial messenger instead of admitting that they made a mistake.

Colin Durkin — Mon, 10/19/2009 - 10:02am

I obviously agree, Ty.

With a site name like, I obviously believe that it is beneficial for the whole profession for facts and un-hyped information about MLM be readily available.

For 7 decades now, we have, and the nice word for it is, exaggerated everything, how easy it is to make huge money, how long it lasts, how great our products are, etc., etc., etc.

When we oversell and under-deliver, our customers and distributors inevitably are set up for disappointment. They become vocal about it and thus the negative reputation of the industry is perpetuated.

We need to do the opposite. Self police, expose the truths, good and bad, so that less people fall for the hype. What will then thrive will be the companies that are really doing it right.

Network marketing done well is lucrative and brilliant, but it can also be the most fair, good, moral, and just way to compensate people. But we must be vigilant about the hype and ever more so, tell it like it really is.

In Efusjon's case, in the least, people should know that the comp plan is experimental at best.

Thanks Ty - for your contributions to truth in MLM.

Lou Abbott — Sat, 10/24/2009 - 8:48am

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