Tweet Tweet Happiness....Twitter Do's & Don'ts

I’ve been using Twitter now for the past few months as a part of growing my business using Social Media. Even though it can get pretty noisy and crammed full of Spam…. I still LOVE it and Enjoy it. 

I’d like to share a few Do’s and Don’ts that I’ve learnt over these past few months.

Have you ever noticed the people that send out tweets…. “Found this great Twitter software that gets me hundreds of followers each day” and then you see that they have very few followers. Do you see any irony in that?? Now I don’t really know too much about this and I really hope that these “programs” don’t cost money… but here’s a crazy Idea. You can actually MANUALLY add followers for FREE. Take some time each day to add new followers… even if it’s 5 minutes, you can make a lot of progress.

To mass unfollow people here’s a site that I came across You can only follow a certain number of people compared to the number of followers you already have… after you’ve followed a bunch of new people go back in a few days and you can delete the ones who aren’t following you back (don’t worry, it won’t hurt their feelings, lol).

Take some time each day to interact with people and Re-Tweet some of the cool stuff that they’ve posted. Be someone worth following. If you’re one of those people just shooting out a bunch of links to buy your stuff chances are your tweets will fall on deaf eyes 

Lastly this is a tip given to me by my friend Bradley Will (@BradleyWill) When posting a link on your Twitter Bio take out the www… this will give you more room to show off your site’s name. Especially when it’s When people see the link as your name… they’ll be more likely to visit than if your site was

For More Social Media Training my Mentor @KristenLD has a FREE 21 day Training set up at and be sure to Follow ME @CassieSTROM

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