Why Post An Answer If You Don't Have A Clue?

Once again, as I peruse the forums, I'm struck

by the sheer number of non-answers that posters

contribute in order to "brand themselves" as experts.

I understand the willingness to help and that's a good


But are you really trying to help, or do you just want

another opportunity to spread the link in your signature


Here is a typical load of crap that someone aspiring to

expert status posts:

"Well Bob, you've got to do your research. If you really want

to succeed in Network Marketing, you've got to really dig

in and take a look around before you just throw your money

into a marketing technique. Try going to (directory that any

moron could find with Google). Then try different things and

test your results. After all it's called Net WORK marketing."

If you are putting out posts like this, please stop. You are a poser.

You have no idea what you're talking about, or you just don't

want to give away what you know to the cometition. Either way,


All you're doing is tossing up some BS answer to a serious question

posted by someone that's asking for help.

Please, if you can't or won't help, just don't post.

Even someone who's brand new can spot a load of BS.

Someday I'll write another article about people who post

bogus questions just to give themselves something to write


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Bravo - I 2nd That!

Oh Yeah! Some people really should learn what marketing is themselves before they run around trying to act like some expert. What some of these idiots do not realize is the information they give can seriously harm someone elses business.

I hate self proclaimed marketers, they give the entire industry a bad name.


James Stein — Sun, 10/25/2009 - 11:41pm


How am I supposed to get my link out there if I don't know any of the answers and can't make up questions?

What bugs me is when a new group of posers from companyX moves in an tries to whip up a buzz by making posts on threads they start where their company just happens to be the answer. Like that's not obvious to anyone with a pulse.

freemoney (not verified) — Mon, 10/26/2009 - 4:31am

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