Why Do People "Join" An MLM?

Well Ted,
I gotta tell ya.
People join MLM to make MONEY.
Jack. Cabbage. Benjamins. Dead Presidents.
That's it.
No more, no less.
The ONLY reason anyone starts a business
is to make money.
Anyone who starts a business for any reason
other than to make money is an idiot and
doomed to fail miserably.

They should form a non-profit instead.
But even those make money, they just don't
make a profit for the people who run it.

There are many good reasons to choose to
build a network marketing business over
other types of businesses.
Most are related to the speed and ease with
which you can MAKE MONEY.

Honestly though.
Isn't it great that we can make so many new
friends and help them improve their lives
by using our products and services?

And what about personal growth?
Anything that is undertaken to reach a
goal results in much improvement of
character, etc.

Then there are the family, friends and
charities we can help. (though this reason
is still money)

All of these are good reasons.
And number one for anyone is MONEY.
Anyone who says it's not is deluded.

For those who don't believe me, I
issue this challenge:

Launch and track a successful marketing
campaign that specifically states that there
is no focus on making money with your opportunity.
Tell people they won't make money.
Tell them if they want to make money, they're
better off doing something else.
Stress that it's all about relationships whether
you make any money or not.
Make sure that they understand that in no way
are you there to help them make any money.

Be sure to call them superficial, unenlightened and
just plain greedy.
After all, it's all about "providing value".

Of course "value" is usually a term used when you're
talking about the "value" you got for your MONEY.

Money is merely a tool.
A means to an end.
It is not the thing we're after.
It's the tool we use to get the things
that we believe will make us feel a
certain way or experience life in a more
interesting, fun and comfortable way.

And yet, even though all of that is true,
we believe that money is the ticket that
will buy us a seat on the train to happiness.

Oh, it won't.
But that won't stop us from trying it.

Besides, which would you rather be.
Poor and miserable, or
Rich and miserable.

Well, I've done choice A.
Might as well give B a shot.  :twisted:

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