What I Discovered From a Twitter Search on Jonathan Budd's, The 7 Figure Networker

There's a network marketing system on the scene right now that was created by Jonathan Budd called The 7 Figure Networker. 
It's HOT - the new "in" system to use.
As long as network marketing systems will be around, there will always be people talking about them.
And there will always be a debate whether pre-made capture pages is the way to go, or if you should create your own. 
Let the debate go round. 
The point is, as long as systems exist, people are going to use them.
No matter how good, bad, how many leads they help you bring in, or money they waste.
Let me tell you a little something that I observed about the users of The 7 Figure Network system tonight. 
I looked up Jonathan Budd's 7 Figure Networker using Twitter search.                                                                     
 As I scrolled down the page I saw the same Tweet, or a very similar version of the same Tweet,all the way down the page. Every single person, on the entire page, was talking about the same LIVE webinar tonight. 
Here's the Tweet: 7-Figure Networker Opens his Prospecting War-Chest TONIGHT @ 9:00 PM EST…(link) FREE Webinar, book your seat!
Or you can see the page I'm referring to by visiting The 7 Figure Networker Twitter search.
When Twitter users broadcast an event, they do it with enthusiasm. Exclamation points, and CAPTIONS (love it, by the way).
I thought, Wow, this Jonathan Budd guy sure has a following. Fans, at that (and real fans are hard to come by).
I wondered, is this a good thing that all of these people are SO into the 7 Figure Network System? 
Are they using the system to it's full potential - creating their own capture pages with the customizable template provided or are they just "plugging in"?
Are any leads coming in? Are they good qualified leads?
Whatever the case may be, what I do know is this:
There is a niche market for just about everything. While there are plenty of people "poo-pooing" systems, there are just as many who are using them, and loving them up.
I decided I'd start following some of these folks and make my way into the inner circle. See what kind of results they're getting and how happy they are with the system overall.
Let's see if I can answer some of these questions. 
Until next time...
Kaitlin Rose

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