My Answer To: "Why Do Most People Fail..."


I originally wanted to post just so I could say how much
I like your signature block.

Then you had to go and ask that same, tired old question
the entrepreneur wrote:So...Why do you think most people don't make it in this business?

Hang on while I grab my soapbox...

From "The World According To Dave":

Most people fail in Network Marketing
(and anything else, for that matter),
because they refuse to take responsibility not only for
their actions, but for the results their actions produce.
When you can claim neither victory nor defeat because
your outcomes are determined by someone else, you can't
possibly develop the self-confidence necessary to carry you
over the obstacles that will certainly confront you on your
quest for success.

Most people are carrying around an "entitlement" or "victim"
mindset that says they could succeed if only...(fill in the blank).
Contrary to the crap that so many spew,
If you are not succeeding, it IS your fault.
Whose else could it be?
When an individual decides to take charge of their life by
accepting responsibility for their actions and their outcomes,
then backs that up with the mindset "I will NOT be denied!", the
universe hears. Once you've decided, all kinds of things will happen,
and people will appear out of nowhere to assist you on your quest.

If you don't take that responsibility you are doomed to failure in
any endeavor that takes any more effort than dragging your sorry
ass off the couch to waddle into the kitchen for another beer.

So take responsibility for your actions and your outcomes.
The moment you do, you're on your way.
Then you won't have to look back at the end of your life and wish
you had taken what you demanded from what the world had to offer
instead of sitting idly by while your life drained away waiting for
a genie to appear and grant your every wish.

That's why most people fail in Network Marketing.
Don't be one of Them.

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