16 Percent

I ran across these articles and really wanted to share. David Stafford, Publisher of Morgan County Business Leader (www.bleader.biz) wrote this and it is truly something to think about.  The following was article was published this October, 2009.  The second article is for November of this year and addresses the first article. Please read and feel free to share your thoughts or feelings.

16 Percent

I have heard that 40 to 45 percent of the colonists supported the American Revolution.  It’s certainly possible, yet the soldiers certainly didn’t have a huge support infrastructure. George Washington held lotteries to fund the army.  A small but very determined group definitely drove the rebellion.  That the general populace didn’t participate does not mean that their mood was in opposition, only that they were unwilling to commit to the cost, and that cost could have been the high.  The 40-45% estimate is probably impossible to nail down, there weren’t mass media pollsters reporting hourly, but the number isn’t that important. And of that 45%, what percentage were willing to give their all?  Perhaps a third? Only 15% willing to give their all to gain freedom?

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re 16 Percent

Thanks for the read Tony!

Was very interesting! Learned a few things about history that had escaped me. I did know about the lottery to fund the army though at least!

Your BN Friend,
Cliff Covill

CLIFFORD COVILL — Mon, 11/02/2009 - 9:58am

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