Dave Rants - "Is THAT What You Call Value?"

Here we go again.
I just can't take this one anymore.

What exactly do you call value?
Is it yet another buzzword you've learned, like "Brand Yourself"?

For crying out loud!
Stop repeating everything you hear just because it sounded good to
you the first time you heard it!

If I have the best fishing lure for large mouth bass, and I make a video
explaining how a fisherman could get a lure just like it by putting
together a few common items he finds around the house, have I given
anyone interested in catching large mouth bass some good value?


But only if I've given him step-by-step instructions on how to build
the freakin' thing!
And where to get the items needed to make it if he doesn't have them
at home already!
And why the lure works so good so he can use that information to come
up with new, creative ways to make different lures that will produce the
same result!

If I simply say that it's possible to build a lure at home that will catch large
mouth bass, and then don't follow up with any information that's actually
useful, have I provided the fisherman with any value?

Heck NO, I haven't!

Not even if I tell him that I heard all the best fishermen talking about it on a
webinar last week and my forum post has 27 replies on the subject.

If you're going to post something and you want to add "value", ask yourself
a few questions first.

Questions like:

Who exactly will "value" this information?
Am I trying to help someone, or just get another backlink?
Will someone really be able to DO something with this information?
Can they make something happen if they follow your directions?
Did you even give directions?
What will the end result be if they carry out your instructions?
Does it actually help them make more money?
Does it actually help them DO anything?

Putting a post on a forum spewing the same lame ol' crap that everyone
else is saying is not adding value.
Saying to the "cool people" (Dean) "Oh, yes, I agree!" is not adding value.
Testing your new headline is not adding value.

The ol' switcheroo is just a pain in the neck too.
You know, asking a question and then giving your answer
instead of the post actually being a request for information?

If you want to add a post and your intention is to "add value"
try posting some information that will actually help someone accomplish
something that they want to do.
Doesn't even have to be new.
A new twist on an old subject is fine.

Enough of the same ol', same ol'!

Challenge the status quo!
Be different.

But whatever you do, please, PLEASE stop with the "value" speech.
It's to the point that it's sickening.

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Is That What You Call Value

Really "Brand Myself" hell I already have a flying " ? " branded on my ass form all the branding training i'm getting . Talk about value.
I love that watch this amazing video and money will start popping out of you butt. I'm not sure but that doesn't look like money to me it smells liks BS. I wonder if I can pay for the remainder of that video on the next boot camp session with it?

claymac (not verified) — Thu, 11/05/2009 - 10:02am

Value Added

If there is one thing you do well Dave it is telling-it-as-it-is !

So if any of your readers came away from this blog with a black-eye they still got great value. Learn a lesson from Dave and start adding genuine value.

freemoney (not verified) — Sat, 01/30/2010 - 12:41am

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