Why do women older faster than men

Although women spend time and money on skin care far more than men, but they  still find it difficult to resist the forces of nature. Researchers recently found that women rate of skin aging faster than men.

Experts from several institutions conducted the study. They use the “multi-photon laser imaging” technology to the medial forearm of 18 volunteers were irradiated. These volunteers, including seven women and 11 men, aged 21-84 years old. In the infrared laser pulse irradiation, the skin collagen issued a Blu-ray, elastic protein glows green, the researchers measured the volunteers, whereby the skin of the relative amounts of these two proteins. A result, they found that, in the same age group, women in skin loses collagen faster rate than men, but male skin collagen network structure formed by the physical appearance is also even more young. Collagen and elastin are two proteins in the skin, skin growth, rehabilitation, nutrition and flexibility, tension and so closely linked with them. The role of collagen which is more important, 75% of the dermal layer consists of collagen formed, they are charged with the key mission of the two anti-wrinkle and moisturizing. The human body at a young age can create a lot of collagen, but their production will decrease with age.wedding dress

 The researchers believe that women’s skin and the reason why the old faster than men, because they need to consume more than their male counterparts collagen. Endometrium after menstrual shedding, damage to the uterus need to be repaired, while the endometrium by the collagen fibers, which require large amounts of collagen. In addition, fertility, abortion, etc. also cause the uterus by the injury, which in turn consume collagen.

 So how do we do collagen protein supplement? Experts point out that in our daily diet, only the tendons and the pork skin is rich in collagen. However, this collagen molecule can not directly absorb the human body requires the activity of small molecules into collagen Caixing. And these foods are high in fat, easily lead to obesity and high blood lipids, so to supplement the collagen protein through which some more harm than good. Experts point out that a balanced diet to ensure adequate sleep, reducing stress is the slow down skin aging women, the best way.Custom Dresses

 The use of laser imaging methods to measure the degree of skin aging has important practical significance. Present dermatologist in order to study dermal collagen, we must cut tissue samples were observed under a microscope. This method can not carry out quantitative studies of collagen and can not be the same location to monitor the process of skin aging. The “multi-photon laser imaging” technology is a non-invasive detection methods, to facilitate easy. Although still in its experimental stage, but one day it can be used to detect skin care products, the actual results, and help researchers to reveal a variety of skin diseases associated with collagen secret.wedding dresses


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