How To Increase your Online Business: Answer to Video 1

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Welcome back guys!

A quick recap, the question was; knowing that Wealth Masters International was a company that teaches you how to improve yourself in 100 days or less, Eliminate your dept completely, teach you how to create wealth, and lastly, teach you how to create residual cash flow.

What type of affiliate or customer do i want in my business?

I panted you a picture of two types of people, person 1: A is someone working minimum wage, living paycheck to paycheck, barley has anything left after paying his or her bills, volunteers for overtime to add more income to his or her home?Or should be person 2 : someone who has an okay or good job, still in debt, tired of being afraid of getting fired due to the economy, wants to retire early, would like to spend more time at home with his or her family?

In actuality both people would benefit from Wealth Masters International but, only one of them can actually use the benefits the company has to offer. Only one of them has the money and the man power to make the necessary improvement to his or herself, to eventually acquire the life style he or she longs for. The right person for my business is...... person 2.

Okay guys we have come to the end of part 2 of this video. In part 3  I will explain to you in detail why i chose Person 2, stay tuned and check it out. If you chose person 1 please leave me a comment and tell me why. Thank YOu!

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