Herbalife Review | Herbalife Scam | Herbalife Complaints | Thinking About Joining Herbalife? Read My Expert Review First!

Herbalife Review | Herbalife Scam | Herbalife Complaints | Thinking About Joining Herbalife? Read My Expert Review First!

Herbalife ReviewThinking about Herbalife as a business but can't decide? Before you do you’ll definitely want to read this Herbalife Scam Review so you don’t make any knee-jerk decisions and get involved with this MLM opportunity without knowing the facts.

Maybe you already are an Herbalife distributor but aren't having the success you thought you would. By the end of this review I am sure I will have the answers you're looking for.

Here I'll lay out some facts so that you can decide for yourself. As always, I’m glad you chose to get more information on Herbalife and I thank you for allowing me to help you make a more informed decision. In this review I will go over a few major points to include Herbalife – The Company, The Leadership, The Products, and the Compensation Plan before I give my final thoughts and recommendations on Herbalife.

Herbalife - The Company

Mark Hughes created Herbalife in 1980 and ironically died of a drug O. D. shortly before turning forty five.

Mark HughesIn spite of this,according to hebalife reviews it has stayed in business for the last thirty years and turned into a popular name in the weight loss industry.

The company boasts of virtually 2,000,000 affiliates and distributers in countries all over the world. The Big Apple Stock exchange lists profits for the company at $3.5 billion. No, that isn't a misprint. This implies they have to be doing something correctly . However , in the prevailing industrial recession, profits have dropped moderately.

Herbalife - The Products

Herbs, vitamins, prepacked food, weight management products, protein shakes, and protein bars are among numerous products the company sells either by Herbalife Scamaffiliates or distributors and it's a multi level marketing business.

Herbalife's products do, however come with some baggage. In 2002, the FDA determined that one of the company's products, containing ephedrine, caused a woman in her late 20s to suffer from cardiac arrest. It's been researched that ephedrine is a chemical that eliminates hunger, but it is essentially the equivalent of the street drug "speed." Even though Herbalife removed ephedrine from its products later in 2002, it still uses several other dangerous chemicals and ingredients in its products, such as genetically-modified soy proteins, which have the potential to destroy human DNA.

As an active duty Marine and someone who takes health and wellness seriously, I, personally chose a different health and wellness company that uses ALL NATURAL products and ZERO harmful chemicals in any of the products. You can look at the opportunity I chose over Herbalife, right HERE.

Herbalife Compensation Plan

Herbalife's reps or distributors, when they join, have to purchase a specific quantity of Herbalife products, try them and then sell them on to other people in order to qualify to get a commission check. This isn't unusual.

Most network marketing companies have a minimum quantity of business you must produce to be considered active.

An herbalife business that is lucrative can be established in numerous ways. You can sell the retail and wholesale merchandise but if you need to earn more, you should induct others to sell the exact same products. You make a small percentage of what they sell.

The "how" you build the business then breaks down into three easy steps - hook up with people, introduce the products or opportunity, and follow up to collect a decision. So magic lies in making new connections on a regular basis over a period of time.

The simple steps to beginning as a Herbalife distributor is to network with others, offer Herbalife products to them as a solution to their health or weight reduction issues, and then follow up to sign them up either as a client or a part of your team. Like any offline MLM business the key is to network with a lot of people and get leads.

Final Thoughts

So what's the bottom line? The bottom line is that Herbalife has been around for a particularly long time.

They are definitely a stable worldwide company that does billions in sales yearly. A few people are making strong, solid six-figure, even multiple six-figure incomes by being distributors for Herbalife. It is a legitimate business that can be a strong vehicle for many to realize their dreams of financial freedom.

Many are earning a satisfactory amount doing this part-time. But most distributors usually don't earn enough to cover the expenses of being in business.

The factor that makes a difference in your earnings is how you market the program. As with all business, the means you choose to market the product is the thing that increases sales and Herbalife isn't an exception to the rule. Learning how to command sales is a total must if you want to be successful and earn a substantial profit in any home business.

My Advice to Herbalife Distributors

Herbalife Scam

Before you leap in the Herbalife business, among the first moves you need to make is to find out all you can about the assorted selling methods available. As an example, you may want to inspect paid ad campaigns or another marketing strategy such as video marketing, social network marketing or blogging.

As with any network marketing business, succeeding in your Herbalife business requires strong commitment and the willingness to learn how to market your business online and generate leads so that the customers and prospects come to you. The best way for anyone, both those new to Network Marketing and veterans alike, is to use the system used by the top leaders in the industry. You owe it to yourself to unlock the secret HERE and learn how to generate leads for your Herbalife business FOREVER!

If you are dead serious about building a HUGELY successful Herbalife business, you absolutely need MLSP!

If you found this review helpful or have any suggestions, please leave me comments below and share this blog!

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Herbalife Review | Herbalife Scam | Herbalife Complaints | Thinking About Joining Herbalife? Read My Expert Review First!
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