Functional Resume: Pros and Cons of Functional Resume

Functional Resume

Out of the three basic types of resume formats, viz., functional, reverse chronological and combination, functional resume format is the one which comes under the scanner and unfortunately gets less noticed and rejected too. We will see the reasons for the same, the pros and cons in the following sections here. Let's have a look at the advantages first.


Pros of Functional Resume Format

As the name says, functional format is all about highlighting the various profiles you have worked in and enlisting the different responsibilities. The main usage of this format is for telling the recruiter what all one has done. When you have less or no experience in the field where you wish to be in and are applying, this is the format you want to use.


  • Gives Variety

This gives the employer the idea of what you have done and in what ways can it be accommodated if they finalize to hire you. Many a times different experiences allure the employer and they think of the future too, as in, that you might come in handy for handling some of the things that you have done already.

  • Highlight Skills

This one truly goes in your favor as a candidate and you have the advantage of highlighting your skills the way you like, without bothering to give details of the period you have served in a particular organization.


Cons of Functional Resume Format

The biggest drawback this format has is that most recruiters do not prefer it. As a result, the resume is subjected to rejection even before it is gone through. It is better to have some reference in the organization in case you wish to use this format for applying for a job. This is just to be in the safe zone and get due credit for your varied work experience.

  • Lack of Meticulousness

The reason is that it does not have systematic details which helps the recruiters to get a sketch of the work you have been involved in. For example, the tenure served, the notable responsibilities you have handled and your designation, etc.

  • Time Frame

There is a considerable number of recruiters who think that this type of resume is misleading and cannot be relied upon, as it is the time frame they consider more and also, the relevency of the experience gained.


Remember that whatever resume format you use to highlight your experience, the recruiter is not aware of the reason behind it. Hence, it is important to know the pros and cons of any format you use and make use of it accordingly.

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