10 Questions to Become Clear on Your Purpose

clear on your purpose

10 Questions to Become Clear on Your Purpose

Many people share with me that they think they know what their purpose is, but aren’t 100% sure. That’s because it’s just in their minds, with no feeling or passion connected with it or they think this is what “others” want to hear.

I find that when we “embody” our purpose, and feel it alive inside of our whole being, not just our mind, we are truly connected to it, physically and emotionally. That’s when it takes hold in our life. To me, this is the true purpose.

I used to try to “find my purpose” through thinking and talking myself into action — but my body and spirit just weren’t in alignment with my thoughts. My mind desired something, but something inside of me didn’t feel the same way. Or my instincts said to do something, but my mind stopped it. I started listening to my body and its feelings, and trusting my inner voice, always led me to the right place at the right time.

10 Questions To Become Clear on Your Purpose

The following prompts will help you discover your life purpose by painting mental images, which are powerful personal messages from your unconscious.

To get started, take a few big breaths, breathing is a way I always use to create a state of consciousness for myself and clear my mind.

After you read or hear each question, close your eyes and listen inwardly for an answer. Then, open your eyes and say aloud or write down the first thought, symbol or picture that comes to mind. Stay open and curious. The words, images and sounds that result may surprise you.

Repeat this process for each question, one at a time. Remember to breathe in as you read, then close your eyes and breathe out. Continue breathing and wait until something comes, then open your eyes and note or say what came.

  1. What is my purpose for being alive right now?
  2. What is uniquely valuable about me?
  3. What do I do that serves and helps others?
  4. What am I most passionate about in my life?
  5. How, when and where do I express my purpose through my health?
  6. How, when and where do I express my purpose in my relationships?


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