Attentiveness vs. Distraction, Character First! Vol 3

There are times when we need to work with people we do not enjoy being around or times when we need to complete tasks we consider mundane. However, we need to show others respect, especially those on our teams. We also need to carry out mundane tasks to the best of our abilities. We can do this by showing Attentiveness is the showing of worth of a person or task by giving our undivided concentration.

I Will:

  • Look people when they speak to me
  • Ask questions if I don't understand
  • Sit or stand up straight
  • Not draw attention to myself
  • Not be distracted by others 

The above qualities are also signs of a person who has inner strength and confidence. In the past, I struggled with self-confidence - it did not matter how much I accomplished in life, I felt like I didn't measure up. I have been working hard on building this up and it has been demonstrated through maintaining eye contact with all individuals. If someone learns the skill of eye contact, it goes a long way towards building confidence, even when your abilities come into question.

Asking questions demonstrates effective communication skills. Effective listeners learn to ask effective questions at proper times. Doing a job effectively and efficiently requires having proper understanding of instructions from the beginning.

Sitting up or standing straight is another sign of confidence and strength as well as demonstrating to people that the job and others are important to you.

Living our lives ethically with enthusiasm makes us magnets and lightning rods positively speaking. The principle above refers to arrogant pride and putting your needs above all others. We should be listening to others and putting their needs before our own; doing this, we both win.

When we put the needs of our team members before our own, we tune out the distractors. Tv's, cell phones, and other people are just some of the big distractors, and we have to choose to put others first. When we do, we show them that they are important and they will want to give their best work.

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