The 5 Fastest Growing MLM’s

For those who have been searching for the right MLM to join they might find that the list is all but endless. The MLM industry has grown exponentially over the last ten years. Currently the industry is ranked with Forbes as one of the top ten industries to join.

This article will highlight the top five growing MLM opportunities in the industry and then they will be followed up with a full article on each MLM separately.

Visalus is the fastest growing and by far the most popular MLM on the market today. However, since we recently posted an article for them they will be excluded from this list.

Number 5 – E Excel International, Inc

E Excel International is another MLM opportunity whose main focus is the health and nutrition industries. Excel representatives offer their clients a large selection of health related items including multi vitamins that tend to focus on immunology.

The company was established in 1987 and tends to switch gears as current trends change.

Number 4 – North American Power

One of the fastest growing products in the world right now has to do with the buying and selling of electricity.

Beginning in 2010 and continuing through today, Bill Gates has been speaking on the energy crisis and has also spoken at many colleges regarding this issue.

One student asked Bill Gates if he were to choose a new industry, what would it be and why.

Bill Gates responded saying that the choice would be simple. Since energy has been deregulated it will become the fastest and most profitable business to become a part of. Everyone has to have it and everyone has to pay for it.

These remarks have so far been proven true. The deregulation of energy has created more millionaires than any other industry, ever. When looking for a great opportunity money speaks volumes and the marketing of electricity has more than $100 billion dollars in shared revenue every year.

Number 3 – iScentU

IScentU is on the rise. This is a company that specializes in different home fragrances. The industry is on the verge of breaking the billion dollars a year mark in sales.mlm2 The 5 Fastest Growing MLM’s

iScentU sells their products through reps who use a variety of different ways to market the fragrances. Some of the most successful reps host or have their friends and family host fragrance parties where the rep brings in samples and allows the guests to smell many different fragrances.

At the end of those parties the guest can either place an order or purchase fragrances that the dealer has in stock at the time of the party.

Number 2 – Vidacup

Vidacup is a MLM that sells specialty coffee. There is not a lot that is overly unique in regards to Vidacup from other coffee makers; however it is still a very profitable venture to join in with.

Sometimes the oldest ideas and traditions are the best, especially when it comes to marketing them through a MLM opportunity.

Vidacup sells coffee and this coffee can be delivered directly to the customer. This saves that customer time in having to shop for a product or worrying about how low their supply has gotten.

The most successful reps sell the product to offices, ensuring that the office is well stocked up for all occasions. This includes coffee, creamer, sugar and specialty creams.

There are more than 400 million cups of coffee served per day in the United States alone. This makes the opportunity secure and lucrative for the properly motivated representative.

Number 1 – Solavei

The U.S. is probably the most well networked nation in the world. This is accomplished through communication.

Communication is experienced in many formats. Email, video, letters and the most popular is cell phone technology.

Cell phone sales are on the rise and as they become less expensive more and more people use them. Solavei is a MLM that offers cell phone service through their reps along with data services at a fixed price. The total outline is similar to that Metro PCS with the exception that the IR is the one making a profit versus an outlet in a shopping center or mall.

Solavei is fairly new, having opened their doors in late 2012 but have become one of the fastest growing opportunities available.

The best thing Solavei has going for them is market saturation. Currently there is none and they are priced way below their competitors such as AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

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