Networking and Growing Your Business Through Cooperation

When you go into business the furthest thought from your mind may be cooperating with your competitors. After all, there is a finite amount of business to go around and most business owners are highly focused on getting their fair share of the pie. On the other hand, if you have an online GIST degree, you likely have an awareness of how vital it is to cooperate with your peers and colleagues in order to advance as a collective. The fact of the matter is that cooperating with those who might be in competition for the same contracts and groups of buyers might actually be good for the economic health of your business in the end. Here’s how working hand-in-hand with other business owners in your industry can help to grow your profit margins.

Sharing Leads And Resources Is Great For Every Business

Businesses that want to grow have to consistently cultivate new leads as well as group them appropriately if they want to keep moving upward. For instance, you might know what other types of consumers might benefit from your catalog of business products and services, but if you don’t have a way to contact them you are reliant on them finding your company. Smart company owners know that the wait and watch approach isn’t conducive to positive growth, so cultivating leads is a better move. As an online geographic information science and technology degree holder, you can easily gain more leads by reaching out to other alumni from your school. Find out what they are doing today and see if you can gain leads by arranging a casual business luncheon with your peers.

Strategic Planning and Networking Leads to Business Growth

You can read the newest academic studies and research papers released by experts in your field regularly, but if you aren’t involving yourself in your chosen industry directly, don’t expect new customers to exactly run your way. Business owners in the science and technology fields should be the ones that are also making major waves in academic and business circles as well. If you are invited to a seminar in science and technology and asked to speak, accept the invitation and then use those credentials to help earn more trust amongst consumers and colleagues alike. Instead of competing with your competitors directly, work with them to find a common ground that all businesses in your industry can benefit from.

Cooperating with Other Businesses Embodies Confidence

There is a reason that companies such as Microsoft team up with other, often smaller companies to launch cutting edge technologies or even to solve problems. Rather than buying out their competitors or creating roadblocks that work to hinder their success, they cooperate with them because they have a strong and confident brand. In other words, Microsoft is confident enough to team up with competitors on stand alone projects because it knows that it will not hurt its bottom line. If you go into business with the same type of confidence, you will gain customers rather than risk them questioning your business sense.

Having another strong business owner in your industry that you can instantly get in touch with if a problem were to arise is an advantage to you. A little friendly competition is never frowned upon, but if you keep your competitors outside of your circle you can never know what they are up to. Since you never know when you might need help, want to trade leads, or even come together on a project, it is better to cooperate than to shun the competition.


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