Say Goodbye to Scratched Floors and Say Hello to Some Floor Protectors

That sound when you're pulling out the chairs to sit down for family dinner or when the couch is shifted around sends shivers down your spine.

Not only are you assaulting your ears but also your floor -- that's no good when you have expensive hardwood or tile.

You need a solution. That solution could very well be furniture floor protectors.

Yup! The ones you see at your parents or friends house. They're actually quite inexpensive and even easier to install.

This short article will explain a little more about them.

The Benefits and Uses of Furniture Protectors

Furniture pads are one of those types of products you never knew you needed until you tried them. Once you do -- it becomes something you use all the time because of their many benefits.

For example:

  • The felt padding is soft and smooth on almost any surface which means when you're moving furniture it won't create that horrible screech.
  • Protect all kinds of surfaces (tile, wood, linoleum, marble)
  • Leave no marks compared to plastic or rubberized protectors
  • No tools are needed for the installation

All you need to do to put them into action is peel off the protector to the adhesive back, attach to the surface of your furniture that's in contact with the floor, and you're good to go! Just be sure to check the pads over a period of time to see if they're still in the correct position so you don't accidentally scratch your floor when moving.

That sounds great, right?

Furniture protectors have many uses depending on the furniture they're attached to, types of floors you have, how often you redecorate, and more.

Here are some of the many ways to get more out of these pads:

  • Try applying them a desk fan to stop it from rattling while in operation
  • Add them do the bottom of a pet's bowl to stop it from slipping around
  • Place them under a rug or outdoor mat if they aren't already rubberized
  • Use them to help move heavier furniture if you're by yourself

Get creative! There are plenty of great uses for furniture pads once you begin digging around the household.

There are also foam pads you'll often find alongside these floor protectors; these are fantastic for your everyday needs such as giving stability to a cutting board, resting your laptop to keep it ventilated and cool, holding up decorations to prevent scratching, and more.

And as for all that other stuff...

The Extra Things to Consider

Furniture protector pads come in a variety of different sizes and dimensions. There are circular and square pads ranging from 1/2 an inch to 2 3/4th an inch in size (each also being 4mm thick).

This means the pads are more than big enough for larger pieces of furniture such as couches or the small legs of chairs. The full 144 pack also comes with two large rectangular pieces to cut out and shape pads to your specific needs.

The packs range from $7.99 - $19.99 USD.

There is a 100% lifetime guarantee due to the quality of the build on each unit which should put your mind at ease especially when you know your floor is no longer getting scratched and you have to hear that terrible screech whenever furniture and items are moved.


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