What Is A Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server can be described as a single computer, wherein all the resources are its own. Typically a dedicated server is rented from a web host, and dedicated servers are different from shared hosting services and virtual private servers.

When it comes to hosting, it’s usually best to have a dedicated server over alternatives like shared hosting services.

How Is Shared Hosting Different From A Dedicated Server?

Shared hosting is similar to dedicated server hosting, however, all the clients are using the same machine. This can be bad in some cases, like if others on your shared server are using resource intensive processes that cause your programs or website to be slow.

A dedicated server is different from shared hosting in this regard because no one else will be sharing resources with you. A dedicated server is dedicated to just you.

Benefits Of Dedicated Servers

There are multiple benefits of using dedicated servers over alternatives like shared hosting. Dedicated servers offer higher performance, security, email stability, control, and ease of access. Dedicated servers can be utilized to handle high traffic much better than shared hosting.

The only downside to using a dedicated server is usually the price tag. It’s worth mentioning that although the price can be higher, you get what you pay for, and you can tell by the performance of the server.

Uses For Dedicated Servers

People use dedicated servers for many different things, like game hosting, web hosting, video and voice chat hosting, and so much more. Dedicated servers are mostly rented out by individuals or businesses for exclusive use in a data center.

Most of the time people use dedicated servers to host websites with high traffic or websites that are very resource intensive. Another reason that people use dedicated servers is to host resource intensive applications.

Using Dedicated Servers For Internal Hosting

Not only can dedicated servers be used to host websites and high traffic applications and programs, but they can also be used for hosting small business applications or tools for in-house use. For example, some companies or individuals will use a home or work based dedicated servers. This could be for hosting customer relationship management tools, content management solutions, web servers, and other business critical applications that are needed to handle everyday business operations.


Dedicated servers are certainly helpful when it comes to the modern age of the internet. If you are looking to host a website, program, or application that requires lots of power, consider looking at dedicated servers as your solution. Dedicated servers offer more power than the alternatives, and they can scale up as your systems, services, and needs grow.


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