Why You Should Get a Professional Commercial Electrician

If you're the landlord of a commercial property, you know that keeping your building's electricity running smoothly and safely is an around-the-clock job -- and it's one that's best handled by a qualified commercial electrician.

With landlords spending an average of 2% of a building's total value on repairs and maintenance every year, you need someone you can trust to get the job done.

We're outlining the reasons why you should hire a professional commercial electrician to protect your investment and your renters.

Benefits To Hiring A Commercial Electrician 

There are countless reasons why landlords should hire qualified professionals for their building's electrical repairs. Our favorites include...


8% of all commercial building fires begin due to an electrical problem, with many of those fires resulting in fatalities. Protect your workers and yourself by hiring a professional.

Look into services like Electrical Fault Finding, Fire Safety and Smoke Alarms, and Rewiring. 


You may think you're saving money by doing electrical work and repairs yourself: until you make one wrong move and totally fry your building's electrical system. 

Take a "one and done" approach to your electrical wiring by paying more upfront for a commercial electrician.

Plus, unlike a DIY approach, these professionals already have the tools, business contacts, and materials needed to do the job.

It's Just Good Business Practice 

When you manage a commercial property, you're not keeping just your own lights on. Any extensive and lengthy loss of power or other electrical problem may make tenants think twice about renewing their lease with you.

Be proactive by looking into electricians that offer Electrical Inspection Services that evaluate your current system. 

How To Hire the Right Commercial Electrician

Let's take a look at how to make sure you're getting the best person for the job. With over 628,000 electricians working in America, you have more choices than ever. Here are our best tips on narrowing your options.

Do Your Research!

Read verified reviews from customers on site's like Angie's List, Yelp, and by reading customer testimonials on the company's website.

Also, asking your friends and colleagues for recommendations ensures you're getting a genuine review.

Peruse the social media accounts of potential electricians to see what they're up to!

Ask Questions!

When you've settled on a reliable commercial electrician, make sure you've asked:

  1. Are your electricians licensed and certified? (Each state has different licensing regulations.)
  2. What's your insurance policy if something goes wrong?
  3. Do you conduct thorough background checks on employees? 

Talk Numbers!

Be upfront about how much you're willing to spend on repairs, keeping in mind that any estimate you're given may slightly shift given labor, parts, and tools used over the length of the job.

Ask if your commercial electrician offers free safety inspections.

Get It In Writing!

A good commerical electrician shouldn't have to be prompted to provide a contract. Make sure yours covers things like payment schedules, the cost of labor and materials, contract dates, and a project outline.

Your "Eureka!" Moment

If you have problems you can't seem to solve, and are tired of hearing complaint after complaint from your renters, it's time to get in touch with one of Florance Electrical's team members. Don't keep yourself in the dark for one more minute.


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