The Choice...One Million Dollars or One Penny that Doubles Daily

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The Choice….One Million Dollars vs One Penny…Which would YOU choose?

A wealthy man nearing the end of his life called his two sons to his bedside.  He wanted to leave them
with the opportunity to experience the richness of life that he had enjoyed.

He offered them the choice of $1,000,000.00 cash or $.01 cash (yes, ONE Penny) that would double everyday for one month.  He then sent them home to consider the offer.

In the morning, they told their father their decisions:

The first son chose Option #1 – One Million Dollars Cash
The second son chose Option #2 – A bright shiny penny that would double itself everyday for one month.

Immediately, the first son sprang into action hiring consultants and advisors to manage his Million dollars.  Plans were set in motion to build his nest egg.  Two weeks into the month, confidant his financial future was secure, the first son went to visit his brother.

He was shocked when his brother showed him that his Penny had grown to $655.36 in two weeks.  The first son pleaded with his brother to visit their father again and ask him to reconsider and give him this Million dollars.  He didn’t want to see his brother struggle to live with just a few hundred dollars.

But, the second son didn’t seem worried.

At month’s end, the first son who had chosen the One Million Dollar option was pleased to have gained.  He now had One and A Half Million thanks to his financial advisors.  But…

By the time he paid his financial planners fees, etc, of just over a half million dollars, he ended the month with just a bit less than he started!

The first son went to see how his brother fared.  How would he survive?  The first son got a huge shock when his brother shared how his penny had fared:

At Day 28, his brother’s penny had passed the Million Dollar mark.  

On Day 29, the two-and-a-half-million mark.  

On Day 30, it doubled to over five million!!

On Day 31, the boy who chose the penny was worth more than TEN million dollars - $10,737,418.24.

He had understood the power of what has been called by the some people “the eighth wonder of the world” …

Compound Interest….

Something to ponder:

It is called the Slight Edge philosophy.  It is the small things done consistently over time that make the impact on our lives.   It applies to our Business lives as well as our personal lives.

We all make choices every day.  Many of these choices seem insignificant, like the penny.  

In your Network Marketing business, you may feel like you are not as far along as you would think.  But if you apply the Slight Edge philosophy of doing the small steps on a consistent basis, over time you will grow exponentially.

In life, it is the same.  The results of the small things you do or don’t do, good or bad, create your life.

Eating a burger and fries or pizza today won’t make you less or more healthy than eating a salad.  But if you were to consistently eat those, years later you will see the compounded effects of each path.   One path leads to greater health one meal at a time; the other to poor health one meal at a time.

It really is the small things that make the big differences in the long run.  Don’t lose sight of it in your life or in your business.


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