5 Myths About Blogging

In this post I am going to share with you the 5 myths about blogging. These days most home based business owners especially those people who are marketing online have blogs. Why? Because aside from its popularity, it is also a way wherein you can engage personally with your customers, readers and your target market. It’s also an ultimate way to build your own brand online.

While most people knew the benefits of blogging, there are some who haven’t started their own yet because they don’t know how and where to start like setting up their blogs, how to structure it with the right plugins, yada yada yada. When you have your own blog, building an online business is easier than what most people think.

Now let’s bust the 5 myths about blogging that causes most people to avoid it: 
5 Myths About Blogging

1. Must be expert – most people think that in order for you to start blogging, you have to be an expert. If you boil it down, blogging means an online journal with freshly updated content.Basically it’s like your online diary or anything that you want to write about in chronological order. So the question is, do you really have to be an expert in order for you to write your own journal or diary? I bet not.

2. Must have credibility – credibility is defined as the quality of being believed or trusted. But this is not a requirement in order for you to start blogging. So if you think you must have credibility to begin blogging, then it’s just a myth. So stop believing it. Credibility is built and you will get there along the way while blogging.

3. Must write well – a lot of people are afraid to blog because they think that they must write well. The fact is, you can begin blogging by writing just 2-3 sentences and still build a large group of readers and followers. How? Simple! By looking for a valuable content within your niche and when you find one, simply write in your first sentence what you liked about the content that you are about to share. In your second sentence, write something about what you liked most about the author. And last but not the least, write a concluding sentence about what your readers will expect in the content that you are about to share. Then simply, publish the content and link back to the original post. The author of the content that you’ve just shared will even thank you for it.

4. Having technical ability – yes I know that in order for you to have your own blog, you have to know the technical side of things. But fear not because as long as you find the right mentor and coach that will show you on how to get things done, you may laugh at yourself afterwards on how simple it is to set up your own blog (self-hosted).

5. Must have internet marketing knowledge – a valuable blog post without traffic is like selling the best ice cream in the middle of the forest. So who buys? And who sees it? Got the idea? So plain useless right? This is also one of the biggest obstacle most people think that in order to start blogging, you must have some kind of internet marketing knowledge. Right? Wrong! Because with the advent of social media, people can easily share what’s on their mind or share their value easily using these social media sites like Facebook and Google Plus just to name a few. Plus with the addition of the right mentor and coach at your side who can show you the exact and surefire way on how to market your blog post online, anything is possible. Believe me. I know it because I have been there.

Now that you’ve read the 5 myths about blogging, there’s no reason not to start doing it. Don’t even think about it and just do it. How? Simply put the pedal to the metal. Meaning start learning new skills and most importantly start implementing it. Enjoy your day and have a great one.

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