The Secrets of Outsourcing Revealed

Outsourcing is any task, operation, job or process that could be performed by employees within an organization, but is instead contracted to a third party for a significant period of time. So why do you need to outsource and more importantly where do you find the right people to outsource?

The Secrets of Outsourcing Revealed: The Secrets of Outsourcing Revealed

1. Better if its within your niche – when you outsource an article writer for example, it’s better if you outsource someone within your niche because he or she can truly relate what’s happening in the industry you belong and he can do better than those who don’t belong to your niche. Need proof? Who would you rather trust when you want to make money online? A person who markets and makes money online already or a person who haven’t made a dime online yet?

2. Hire a veteran – if you’re looking to leverage your time without sacrificing your online business, you need to hire a veteran. Which means, you have to first check out his blog and how long he has been in the industry. It just makes more sense to hire someone who has been in the game for a long while than hiring someone who is just starting out and hasn’t proven anything yet.

3. Compare prices – we are aware that there lots of outsourcing services out there for the price of a piece of cake. But we don’t want again to sacrifice our business for the price of a piece of cake, isn’t it? So another secret to outsourcing is to compare prices. Here is a question for you: would you rather pay a $5 article writer or pay someone at $15 per article that includes online marketing services that is proven to drive traffic to that article and attract new clients of prospects? So choose wisely.

Now if you are in the online marketing, home based business, mlm or network marketing industry and want to leverage your time by outsourcing a veteran with a reasonable price, then you are at the right place on the right time because I am now opening my doors to just 5 people to help them build their online home based business.

If you are looking to get an SEO optimized blog if you haven’t set up one for yourself yet or get a new one or even redesign a new one (faster blog), looking to hire someone to create and publish articles for you every other day (seo optimized), drive traffic to your articles 24/7 to major targeted traffic sites like social media, social bookmarking sites, Google, Yahoo and Bing, high PR sites and get 1,000-2,500 shares, likes and retweets everytime, maintain your blog or site and get personal coaching on any topic that you want related to online marketing, lead generation, technical things, etc…. here is your chance to get on the fast track.

So if you need those things badly and not outsourcing, then why not? All you need to do is fill out this form and I’ll see you on the other side. (you will be amazed by my 1 year pricing)

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