Laminine Rejuvenates The True You: Physically, Emotionally & Psychologically?

The average lifespan of the human being has increased by five years with in the last two decades as science and nutritionist have developed a much deeper understanding of those vitamins and nutrients that play a significant role in optimizing the health and wellness of the human body. Living a healthy and balanced life begins with a wholesome diet.

In 1929, a Healthcare Professional in Canada, Dr. John Davidson discovered methods to acquire the ‘life-essence’ of the 9 day old fertilized avian egg. On the ninth day, all the ingredients needed to produce functional life are at its’ largest level. The life-giving proteins are so powerful at this stage, that the resident chick is hatched only two weeks thereafter. This approach of extraction and freeze-drying processing has tested to be a historic monumental achievement with this Doctor’s subjects.

Regrettably this revolutionary finding perished when the doctor previous past away. About 50 years pursuing this extraction and freeze drying, the procedure was rediscovered by Norwegian Specialists. Since that time the process has been completely patented and the length of clinical studies and research that were implemented have yielded significant and amazing results.

The product is called: Laminine. The title arrives from the phrase ‘Laminin’ which is the protein element; found in each of us on a cellular element, that literally “holds us all together”.

Laminin is described by the Webster Medical Dictionary as a "glycoprotein which is really a component of connective tissue basement membrane which promotes cell adhesion." Viewing laminin as some sort of glue that holds us all together is not far from the reality

The benefits that individuals experience with Laminine are so outstanding that it has grown to be a metaphor with the ‘glue that keeps us all together’ or Restores the molecular adhesion at the cellular level; i.e. mentally, physically, and emotionally

Laminine, Distributed by Pendura Life Science Institute, highly regarded for research on the forefront in the health and beauty, has patented this exclusive restorative formula. The organization is led by Prof. Dr. Alex Martin, previous chairman associated with both the Medical Doctor Society of California and also the Anti-Aging Institute of America. As a result, Pendura Life Visions markets use only distinctive and exceptional high-quality products and solutions with very little competition in the market place. Laminine has also integrated a proprietary variation of natural marine and phyto (plant) proteins making it the single most powerful supplement discovered on the planet.

Can your current life make use of an all natural supplement that will rejuvenate you psychologically, emotionally and physically? Could you stand to have more stamina? How about an extraordinary outlook on life?

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